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Coronavirus outbreak: 16 new cases of deadly flu are feared in New South Wales

  * Five people have the virus after returning from China’s Hubei province, where coronavirus first surfaced in December. All are being treated in hospital and in a stable condition.

* About 400 Australian citizens have registered for evacuation from the city of Wuhan in Hubei.

* At this stage, health authorities do not believe people can pass on coronavirus unless they are showing symptoms, but the virus does have a relatively long incubation period of two weeks.


* Federal advice to school students who have returned to Australia from China is that if they are healthy, it is reasonable for them to attend school. If they have been in contact with somebody with coronavirus, they should not attend school for up to 14 days.

* But some Australian private schools have told students who have recently visited China to stay at home for a fortnight. Brisbane’s Stuartholme School for girls will keep 10 of its boarders in quarantine for two weeks after they arrived from China this week.


* Four confirmed cases are being treated at Westmead Hospital: a 21-year-old University of NSW student who was diagnosed after flying back from the virus epicentre in Wuhan, and three men aged 35, 43 and 53.

* Six potential cases are being assessed.


* One confirmed case, a man in his 50s, is being treated at Monash Medical Centre while four of his family are under home isolation.

* Thirteen people have been tested, but authorities do not believe they are likely to have the virus.

* 42 Victorians have tested negative.


* Six people tested, awaiting results.

* One person tested and cleared. 


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