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Coronavirus UK: Father’s warning as Boy, 1, rushed to hospital

Boy, one, is rushed to hospital after catching coronavirus from father when he brought it home from ‘single short visit to Tesco’

  • Peter Jones, from Devon, said on social media he brought the deadly virus home
  • Three family members recovered but his young son was taken into hospital
  • Mr Jones shared the story to warn others to stay inside and protect each other 

A one-year-old boy was hospitalised after catching coronavirus from his father who went on one ‘short visit’ to Tesco.

Peter Jones, from Devon, wrote on his Twitter page that he suspects he brought the deadly virus home after going to the shops.

He added that three family members recovered quickly but his little boy was not so lucky and had to be taken to hospital.

Fortunately, his young son is now recovering at home after being helped with oxygen while battling the infection, and his father has now implored others to stay inside.

Peter Jones, from Devon, wrote on his Twitter page that he brought the deadly virus home after a visit to the shops

On Friday, he said: ‘My baby boy is in hospital tonight recovering from an infection following coronavirus.

‘We have been in isolation for three weeks. I brought the virus home after a single short visit to Tesco.’ 

Mr Jones wanted to share his message on social media to encourage people to abide by the country’s lockdown.

In a follow-up tweet, he added:  ‘The reason I share something so personal is because i want people to know that just one trip out can risk it all! 

‘Please don’t go out! Stay at home, and protect your love one’s! Please share so others can avoid our experience!’

The Devon father also thanked the staff at Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust for looking after his son so well, and praised frontline staff.

He added: ‘Thank you for all of the kind messages. I must say that we were unlucky, such a reaction in a young child is rare according to the Dr’s so people shouldn’t worry & he did recover very quickly with the right support.

‘I am concerned that my tweet has put many off going to the s’markets but with no delivery slots this isn’t an option for most.

‘We were unlucky, the s’markets are doing the best they can to protect all. We must try & limit visits and follow the guidance to limit risk.

‘Whilst some debate going out at all, some are still travelling to beauty spots, parks & beaches.

‘Please stay safe and please try to avoid going out as much as possible. #StayHomeSaveLives #day8oflockdown #coronavirus’.