Could Spice Girls sex row kill off comeback tour? Sources say there is ‘not a chance’ of extra dates

Geri Horner goes for a meeting in london yesterday

Singer Mel B is refusing to apologise to a ‘devastated’ Geri Horner for confirming their one-off sexual encounter on a TV show – leaving the future of the Spice Girls tour in doubt.

There is now ‘not a chance in Hell’ of a tour of America and Australia to follow their UK and Ireland dates, sources suggest.

And some feel that Geri, 46, is ‘too fragile’ to go through with the 14 planned British tour dates in May and June. Rehearsals are due to start in London on April 4. But a source said: ‘Girl Power is now dead. That’s it. If they manage those UK dates then that will be the last you ever see of the Spice Girls.’

Fellow Spice Girl Mel C is among those who fear Mel B has killed off the UK tour. She was at the London Studios on Friday night for the recording of the ITV show Piers Morgan’s Life Stories when Mel B told him of the fling.

A source said Mel C commented: ‘That’s it, that’s the tour over then.’ She asked producers if it was possible to edit out Mel B’s remarks, but it wasn’t.

After filming, Mel B texted Geri but sources indicate that she underplayed the revelation, meaning Geri initially felt she could shrug it off.

Geri has come close to confirming the long-rumoured encounter previously.

But sources say her attitude changed when she read the transcript and saw the footage. What has upset her so badly are the ‘nasty’, ‘envious’ and ‘snide’ remarks which Mel B has made about her perceived social climbing.

Mel B confesses on piers Morgan's Life Stories to a sexual encounter with fellow Spice Girl Geri Horner

Mel B confesses on piers Morgan’s Life Stories to a sexual encounter with fellow Spice Girl Geri Horner

Mel B said during the TV interview: ‘She’s going to kill me and so’s her husband. She’s not that posh now, is she?’

She also said: ‘She’s going to hate me for this because she’s all posh in her country house and her husband. But it’s a fact. It just happened and we just giggled at it and that was it.’

While Mel B is living in a rented house in LA and is broke after blowing £38million with ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, Geri lives in an Oxfordshire manor house with Formula 1 executive Christian Horner, their two-year-old son Monty and her daughter Bluebell, 12.

Geri looked on from the audience as Mel B makes the claims on television. A source said: ¿The whole tour is in jeopardy. Geri is devastated'

Geri looked on from the audience as Mel B makes the claims on television. A source said: ‘The whole tour is in jeopardy. Geri is devastated’

She spoke in a recent interview with The Sunday Times about her society neighbour, Lady Joanna Wellesley, and her menagerie of goats, donkeys, sheep and cats. Her new life seems to have irked Mel and Geri now feels that Mel has humiliated her disastrously. Friends think she will not be able to bring herself to share a stage with her.

A source said: ‘The whole tour is in jeopardy. Geri is devastated. It’s not just what was said about sleeping together, it’s how it was said and all of the nasty jealous digs at Geri and her lifestyle and her husband. Geri feels humiliated. The thing for Mel to do would be a big public apology but Mel won’t apologise. She’s simply not doing it.

‘Mel doesn’t care. She’s like, “It happened, everyone knows about it, so who gives a ****?”. She thinks it’s good that everyone is talking about them.

‘Everyone knows about her crazy sex escapades and she’s happy for them to. She has a lot of dirty laundry but it doesn’t give her the right to hang out everyone else’s.’

The source added: ‘There was a hope that this would be the start of a world tour, but that is off the table now.

‘It would have been a huge moneyspinner. Ironically it would have put Mel in the black for the next ten years, and she’s the one that really needs it, but now she has put the kibosh on it.

‘Geri has children who are of an age that they know what is going on. She has a marriage she really really cares about. The fear is that Geri will decide that this is it now, and that for reasons of her own health and her mental health that she can’t go on.

‘She is very fragile. She walked out on the Spice Girls at the height of their success because she needed to put her own mental health first and she could do it again.

‘It’s affecting her life, her family, her ability to work. She is not willing to jeopardise her marriage at all. That’s a huge priority for her.’

In the immediate future, Mel C is expected to play peacemaker. Emma Bunton is said to steer clear of arguments, while Victoria Beckham – who is not going on the tour – has told Geri she thinks Mel’s behaviour is ‘outrageous’.

Geri told DJ Howard Stern in a 1990s interview of a lesbian experience with a ‘famous woman’ but said it was not for her. She added: ‘I could never ever say who it was, I don’t think she was a lesbian either.’