Covid travel without a smartphone: The Holiday Guru reveals how to do it

How can we go abroad without a smartphone? The Holiday Guru answers readers’ travel questions

The Holiday Guru is always on hand to answer your questions. 

This week he helps a reader who doesn’t have a smartphone – and wants to know how she can fill out a passenger locator form for a trip to Greece. 

Q. We wish to go to Greece, but we don’t possess smartphones to fill out passenger locator forms. We can’t be the only over-70s in this position. Any advice?

Elizabeth Morris, Shrewsbury.

The Guru answers a question about passenger locator forms. Pictured is Santorini, Greece

A. If you complete the Greek entry form online on a computer before you leave, you will be sent a unique QR (Quick Response) code by email — see Print this to take on your journey out. You will need to find a computer in Greece to do the same for the UK passenger locator form. Yes, it is fiddly. 

Q. We are going to Denmark in September for our grandson’s first birthday. We’re both fully vaccinated, but as Denmark is on the amber list we need to follow the procedures when coming home.

However, we are flying there at 2pm on a Saturday and coming home at 9pm on the Monday — approximately 55 hours in all. So can we do a lateral flow test before we fly to Denmark, and is this then valid for our return?

Carol Webb, via email.

A. Yes, but it must not be an NHS lateral flow test. It will need to be conducted by a testing firm that is recognised by the Government.

Q. We plan to take the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander in Spain. We are double vaccinated. What do we need to do?

Jane Mackenzie, via email.

The Guru offers advice to a reader travelling from Portsmouth to Santander in Spain

The Guru offers advice to a reader travelling from Portsmouth to Santander in Spain

A. Before going, fill in a Spanish health control form online ( and prepare proof of your vaccinations on the NHS app. In Spain, fill out a UK passenger locator form within 48 hours of travelling home. You must also take a Covid antigen test in the three days before your return, and book a PCR test to take by day two of arrival in the UK.


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