Cricket World Cup: David Warner proposes RADICAL change to umpiring after bitter Australia batter was left fuming after controversial dismissal against Sri Lanka

  • David Warner wants umpires to be held accountable 
  • He was the victim of a controversial call against Sri Lanka 
  • Warner says umpire statistics should be made public 

David Warner has called for cricket umpires to operate under greater levels of accountability following his controversial dismissal at the World Cup.

The veteran opener, 36, was left fuming after he was given out LBW during Australia’s second innings chase against Sri Lanka on Monday.

Warner was struck on the pad by left-arm seamer Dilsan Madushanka but was certain that the ball was travelling past his leg stump. 

Joel Wilson gave him out and he immediately reviewed the decision, however the hawk-eye technology deemed that the ball was clipping leg stump so stood by Wilson’s call.

Warner was visibly upset by the decision and let out a scream of frustration, before begrudgingly taking himself off the field. 

David Warner has called for a radical change to cricket umpiring

The 36-year-old was left fuming after he was given out LBW

The 36-year-old was left fuming after he was given out LBW

‘I just sprayed out loud in frustration pretty much,’ Warner reflected. 

‘Normally when something hits me on the leg on the outside, I know it’s pretty much going down leg.

‘I asked Joel when I was out there just what happened like why did he give it out? He said the ball was swinging back.

‘From my perspective on the replay, it wasn’t. When you see on the replay how it unfolded, you get a little bit annoyed.’

Warner has now floated the idea that umpires’ statistics are displayed on the big screens in the same way that cricketers’ figures are shown. 

‘Players’ stats go up on the board as you walk out to bat,’ he said.

‘When they announce the umpires, I’d love to see their stats come up on the board as well. The NRL does it. I think the NFL does it. It’s a great thing for the spectators to see as well.’

The 36-year-old added that he has learnt which umpires are more likely to give the 50-50 calls.  

‘You definitely know which umpires are going to give those 50-50 ones when it hits the pad, and that’s where from my perspective it gets frustrating,’ he said.

‘There’s no bias in anything. It’s just that you feel that as a player sometimes.

‘There has to be some accountability.

‘If you get a decision wrong, just accept it and apologise.

‘Players aren’t going to bite your head off. Umpires aren’t going to bite your head off if you ask them the question. They’re generally pretty honest.

Warner believes umpires should be held to account for their decisions

Warner believes umpires should be held to account for their decisions

‘You see it with the bunker in the NRL. You get absolute stinkers and some umpires don’t umpire the next game.’

‘I think over a period of time. You know, obviously players get dropped for poor performances. It’s never explained to us about what goes on with the panel (of umpires) as well. So (stats are) just an indicator.

‘But it’s just little things that show the spectator it’s not easy. So you know, you can explain where it’s not easy, why it’s not easy. And then when good decisions are made, they can explain it.

‘So I just think it’s something that could be explored.’