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CRO Process: What Are The Steps To Complete A Conversion Rate Audit?

In this expeditiously moving world of e-commerce business, it is hard to keep track and cater to the needs and demands of the customer. This is pronounced more when you have heavy traffic turning up on your website.

Therefore, being the souvenir, this is where CRO Audit steps in. It proves to have a major impact on business performance, and you might be just a walk away from your doorway of standing out from the rest.

However, there are a few steps to follow to complete the CRO process and conversion rate audit. This guide incorporates the same.

How To Know The Right Time To Start A Conversion Rate Audit?

“Better late than never” goes well here, but why in the nick of time? There are two ways to know when the iron is hot enough for the strike.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP): An MVP is a product good enough for a customer that they are willing to pay for it. A product offering enough value to invite early buyers for purchase.

Website Traffic: If your website is running and performing well, you can go for an e-commerce CRO Audit.

Steps To Complete The Conversion Rate Audit

Know Your Goal

Precisely, before you reach out to any Conversion rate optimisation agency, the first and foremost step towards conversion rate audit is to determine the goal and give a definition to it. This is your anticipation from the CRO audit process -the improvements and the changes you want on your website.

Having a clear headspace about the demand, it becomes easier for the Conversion optimisation service provider to cater to your needs and the kind of data you need to measure through CRO Audit.

When you know what is needed, more engaging data is covered.

Know Your Audience And Analyse Your Traffic, As Well As The Source

To have a better understanding of what is needed, it is always wise to know your audience. Every tap and click counts. Stay informed about the actions taken on your website, whether the audience is driving away from the website, redirecting to a completely different web page, or something else.

Further for the analysis, tools like Google Analytics, MouseFlow, and Woopra can make the work easy if considered.

Keep The Form Precise

During the e-commerce CRO Audit, a brief and precise form is efficient in evaluating the overall customer and user experience without consuming much time. However, a lengthier form is suitable for any bigger lead.

Ask relevant questions, place the labels correctly according to the sections and buckle up suggestions. The purpose of the Conversion rate Audit is to evaluate the whole 360-degree experience, and the form might give you an edge.

Assess The Content And Assets On Your Website

Customising and replacing the content on your website can generate data and help the conversion rate optimisation agency. They can see the bigger picture about how users behave on the website and what persuades them the most. This way, you can scale your growth with data-driven insights and conversion rate services and analytics with strategic growth solutions.

Examine The Checkout Point

There are plenty of chances when the user is just browsing the site and not making any potential purchase. Another possibility is a bug or an error that the customer vacates the cart at the checkout point. It is at this point where examining the checkout points can assist you, big time.

Google Analytics and other tools mentioned above can do the job efficiently and troubleshoot as per desire. Creating appealing offers can help lure customers and keep them intact.

Re-Evaluate Design And Layout

While carrying out the CRO Audit, reevaluating the website layout and design is your gateway to increase conversion. Check your ‘call to action’ buttons and flaunt your website with the best visuals. Optimising the website for laptops and mobiles is a great way to engage the audience.

Good use of whitespaces, readability, and division of sections can stimulate the right target audience for potential interaction.

User Experience

As a part of the e-commerce CRO Audit, it is essential to make sure the user experience is as good as the layout of the website for a successful conversion rate audit. To maintain the best user experience on the site with easy access, every aspect of your website should give meaning to the consumer as you want to show yourself.

It is here that Peter Morville’s user experience Honeycomb can come in handy to disintegrate different elements of the user experience down the website conversion funnel.

Carry Out CRO Strategies

As you go through the CRO Audit prepared by your conversion rate agency, you will find various loopholes and other areas of improvement.

Now, straight diving into the solution based on your evaluation of the problem without following a proper roadmap would be the last thing you would want to do in such a case. This is no helter-skelter. Henceforth, creating a roadmap is the way to go here. Pen down a hypothesis and draft the desired solution based on your outcome of the observation.

For instance, if you find your shipping costs are high that the customer is vacating the cart and drifting away from the website, these solutions can come to your rescue.

  • Identify the problem
  • Make short popup messages and offers to attract potential shoppers
  • Offer free shipment on orders above a certain amount to keep the buyers engaged
  • Increase your CRO Audit goal by 3-5%
  • Prompt the customer to recommend your website to the locals, ensuring higher traffic turnover

Easy, isn’t it? These are 8 easy-to-follow steps you can consider for your Conversion rate Audit, through a conversion rate optimisation agency.

CRO Audit can prove to be your relationship establishment tool if you know how to get your work done working alongside a conversion optimisation services provider. As overwhelming it gets perceived to be, yet a strong CRO gives you the exact data about your visitor’s needs and desires.

It might as well help you exceed and fly past their anticipation meter. Don’t keep yourself from perfection. You are clicks away from being a game-changer and overshooting the charts for good.