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Croatian footballer, 25, collapses and dies during a match

  • Bruno Boban collapsed during a match against Slavonija Pozega on Saturday
  • He was hit in the chest by the ball 15 minutes into the game and seemed okay
  • But moments later he fell to the ground and appeared to lose consciousness
  • Medics battled to save his life for 40 minutes but the footballer passed away 

Bruno Boban, who played for Marsonia in his homeland of Croatia, collapsed and died during a match on Saturday

A Croatian footballer collapsed and died during a match aged just 25.

Bruno Boban, who played for Marsonia in his homeland, was the leading marksman in the third tier.

Just 15 minutes into a game against Croatian team Slavonija Pozega on Saturday, the ball hit Boban in the chest at close range.

He appeared to be okay at first and continued playing, but suddenly fell to the ground and seemed to lose consciousness.

Players immediately called for help and medics spent 40 minutes trying to revive him, but he tragically passed away.

As the shocking events unfolded at the Gradski Stadion uz Savu in the Croatian city of Slavonski Brod, his teammates and opponents struggled to fight back tears.

Boban was born in the eastern city of Pozega and his club NK Marsonia, based in Slavonski Brod, was founded in 1909.

His cause of death is not yet clear.

The shock comes three weeks after Fiorentina captain Davide Astori passed away in his sleep before a Serie A match with Udinese.