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Cruel driver and teacher dump disabled pupil off a bus

  • Video footage of shocking incident emerged showing teacher assaulting pupil
  • The disabled pupil is seen being beaten by a female member of the school staff
  • Gauteng Education Department in South Africa are investigating the incident
  • Disabled boy’s mother has been left angry by the school’s ‘casual’ reaction  

A cruel bus driver and a teacher have been filmed dumping a special needs pupil by the side of the road sobbing after dragging him off a coach. 

Video footage emerged of the shocking incident in South Africa which appears to show the teacher assaulting the disabled student on a school bus.

After suffering a pounding at the hands of the staff member, the bus driver appears and pulls the boy from his seat before kicking him off the vehicle. 

The Gauteng Education Department told Ewn a staff member from Adelaide Tambo School in Soweto had been suspended and charged with assault. 

Video footage captured by a pupil shows a member of staff throwing a flurry of slaps in the direction of the child.

Female member of staff appearing to beat the child

The boy’s mother has reacted angrily to the incident, saying the school has been too casual in their handling of her son’s suspected assault. 

She told the South African news outlet: ‘In the morning when I went to the school to report it they didn’t even care.’

The education department has said the female member of staff – thought to be a food server – and the driver will be ‘dealt with decisively’.

The video shows the woman, barefoot and with dyed blonde hair, appearing to straddle the child and slam her open palms down on him.

After around 10 seconds, the bus driver appears to help drag the child – who is out of view – from the footwell of the seat. 

The woman slaps the child once more before the bus driver pulls her away so that he can reach the disabled boy himself. 

He is yanked by his arm into the gangway of the bus and is frogmarched off the vehicle before being left on the side of the road where he curls into a ball and starts crying. 

The driver then rushes back the bus and drives away.