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Crushed ice cocktails to help you beat the summer heat

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Summer, the only season loved by the people to enjoy their holidays or vacations. This period of a good time includes different sorts of food, places or drinks. A cold chilled drink covered with crushed ice neither less than a blessing for people.

How to make crushed ice at home?

Many people use to make or crush ice at their own homes. There are many different ways to do that:

    • Crushing in a plastic bag. Store some water in a plastic bag preferably use to store sandwiches. Keep it in the refrigerator until it freezes then crush it out with any heavy kitchen used object.
    • In a blender or a food processor. Place some ice cubes in a blender. Then set the blender on “pulse” setting and blend the ice out.

Different questions occurred as to how to crushed ice for cocktails or any other drink. Same manual processes are done for making crushed ice for different cocktails or mocktails or different drinks

How to make soft crushed ice?

Soft crushed ices are specially made for different smoothies, slushes, and shakes.

So, how to make crushed ice for cocktails? Nothing to do much to make it, just to crush ice cubes further to make it softer.

All the summer parties mainly have different sorts of cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and energy drinks which are not completed without a huge amount of ice on it. As the technology passes its time in innovation different appliances are introduced to us. This makes our household easy and covers our time as well.

The electric ice crusher machine is one of these innovations. It can do or make all sorts of ice mentioned above just by one tap.

These electric crushers are used widely now. They are an active part of the households. There are different types of electric crushers:

Usage at home and different parties

Some of the crushers are used at home to crush the ice. Those crushers don’t have that much potential. They are used to crush ice for the drinks which we make at our home. These crushers are also used in house parties. People will always go towards the things which make their work easy. There is always a huge amount of guests in different house or drink parties. So rather crushing the ice with hands or manually, their electric crushers are preferable. Due to their electric high power, they crushed the ice more smoothly as compared to the hand-crushed ice.

This crusher consumes the minimum time of a person and provides the best-crushed ice. Not only for parties, is this crusher used to make our daily consumed drinks chill as well. Most people consume different protein shakes after morning workouts or exercises. The crushed ices from the crusher make them more smooth and refreshing. These electric ice crushers are highly recommended to make your drinks more soothing and refreshing without wastage of any time or consumption of energy.

Usage in restaurants and industries

This kind of electric ice crusher machine is not only used in houses but in different industries, hotels, and restaurants as well. Different ice cream industries have a large number of ice crushers which high capacity and more power generation. Those machines are used to crush ice for making their products. Same as in restaurants because they have to cater thousands of people daily, so these crushers save their time and energy.

Many different companies are offering these ice crusher machines all over the country. Because of the common usage at every place, these machines are not that much expensive as well. However, crushers used in industries may be expensive but the one added in home appliances doesn’t cost that much.

Crushed ice drinks and cocktails recipes

Vodka Mojito

1½ Parts Absolut Vodka
⅔ Part Simple Syrup
6 Whole Mint Leaves
4 Quarters Lime
Soda Water


1½ Parts Cachaca
⅔ Part Simple Syrup
4 Quarters Lime

Raspberry Blimey

1½ Parts Absolut Vodka
2 Dashes Black Currant Liqueur
2 Dashes Simple Syrup
1 Dash Lime
5 Whole Raspberries
1 Whole Blackberry

Mint Julep

1½ Parts Bourbon
⅓ Part Simple Syrup
8 Whole Mint Leaves

Nacional de Cuba

1⅓ Parts Light Rum
⅔ Part Apricot Brandy
1 Part Lime Juice
⅔ Part Simple Syrup
1 Wedge Lime

Absolut Spiced Pear Mojito

1½ Parts Absolut Pears
1½ Parts Apple Juice
¾ Part Cinnamon Syrup
¾ Part Lime Juice
8 Leaves Mint Leaf

Absolut Ruby Bramble

1 Part Absolut Ruby Red
1 Part Lemon Juice
½ Part Créme de Mure
½ Part Simple Syrup


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