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Cryptocurrency Stocks that Might Grow at Exponential Rate 

It pays to look ahead of time when making critical investment decisions – sometimes, it’s a make-or-break attempt. This holds true in crypto investing, where growth is constant, but risks are also ever-present. Investors are generally torn between the prospect of gaining profit and the possibility of losing some assets. There seems to be no guarantee at all, except in keeping informed on how the industry is performing.

When there are more people joining the digital trading activities, it would normally mean that the market is healthy. But more than this indicator, there’s also relevance in looking for alternatives where profit could be made in the future.

Smart investors are aware that as cryptocurrency expands its market, there are stocks that could make some progress, too. Even during hard times, other industries may be implementing strategies to hit a favorable trajectory. The possibilities are broad in the crypto industry, and outcomes could change for the better or worse in an instant.

You’ll likely see better opportunities when you know what’s going on with other investment alternatives as you do business on the blockchain network. The following updates on cryptocurrency stocks might push you to make the right decision today.

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Refresher Updates on Crypto Industry

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was quoted saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has helped accelerate some digital reforms in small and large companies. This is somehow contrary to the general notion that the crisis has brought adverse impacts on digital trading transactions. Ironically, it supported theories about investors converting their wealth into cryptocurrencies to seek better protection as a store of value.

There are a significant number of investors and billionaires who have maintained their interest in cryptos. Revenues are seen to increase as the growth is fueled by the participation of more investors. Many companies are now using blockchain technology to develop new cryptos and integrate the system into their business operations.

For a Real Asset Strategist, John LaForge, investing in cryptocurrency today is more about speculating than investing; it’s like in the early days of the gold rush. So, for investors to maximize their profit while ensuring financial security, they should consider the following stocks that leverage digital currencies and might experience exponential growth. 

PayPal Holdings: Wall Street analysts have made pronouncements about the likelihood of PayPal having an average of 24.1% annual growth over the next three to five years. This can be attributed to the new method of allowing users to buy and sell bitcoin on the company’s platform.

Revenues would increase by applying fees to crypto transactions. Bitcoin has now over $330 billion market value and may even grow bigger as new business models are being considered.

JPMorgan Chase: This investment bank is now considering a blockchain-running system to reduce the number of people and time needed to verify global payments. It seeks to address the existing problems on delayed validation processes, thereby affecting business operations.

Although this looks like a good initiative, some people think that there are still risks associated with it. Nevertheless, there are analysts who claim that the possible gains are more compelling as JPM shares may bring 2.4% yields on stock dividends.

Square: For the Chief Financial Officer of this payments company, “bitcoin has the potential to be a more ubiquitous currency in the future.” As it grows in adoption, they want to catch up with the opportunities that it could bring.

Square has already been leading among cryptocurrency stocks, but allowing people to use the Cash App for bitcoin transactions is seen to make even more profits. It has already allocated $170 million in the first quarter of 2021, and the direct investment in bitcoins suggests that the cryptos might play a crucial factor in its future growth.

Nvidia: As cryptocurrency mining becomes more lucrative, this company has generated higher demands for its high-powered processors. One of its products can make an estimated profit of $3 per day, which is one of the highest levels in the industry.

In the first quarter of operation, Nvidia has generated $155 million in revenue from crypto mining cards, and it is expected to reach $400 million in the next quarter. The company’s growth is fueled by developments in the crypto industry, especially when more people join the mining transactions using its processors.

There are other companies that are growing concurrently with the crypto industry, including Advanced Micro Devices, Micro Strategy, CoinBase Global, and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. If you’re doing business with any of them, you might also be contributing to their growth or perhaps making some profits from certain transactions.

Risk Note

Investing in cryptocurrency is highly speculative and risky. You have to make investment decisions based on certain factors at play. The companies you’ve just read are proof that despite the risks, the crypto industry offers promising financial growth. Investors should just be smart enough to maximize these opportunities.