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CSGO Betting for Beginners Guide – Strategy and Tips

In India, the gaming industry is an entertaining and profitable one for many, and that is why we have seen the rise of many games recently. If you are new to betting, the chances are that you may not know what CSGO betting means. CSGO is an acronym for Counter-Strike Global Offensive betting, a popular esports game.

If you are not putting your money into this interesting and highly profitable game, you are missing out on a lot as a bettor in India.

Every CSGO fan in India knows how to play the game actively, but only a few know how to profit from it. You can join many other esports lovers in India who place bets on CSGO and win, and we are going to show you how.

So, if you’re clueless about how to bet on CSGO, don’t miss out on this guide for beginners, containing strategies and tips for betting.

Wagering on CSGO

CSGO betting predictions are pretty easy once you know your way around it; the hardest thing to do is choose a betting site.

Three betting options await you on CSGO: pre-match, life, and tournament betting. The most common option is pre-match betting; this is where you place bets before a match begins. Live betting is your go if you prefer betting while a match is going on.

Tournament betting is the least common option; it is mostly used by fans who want to cheer for their team and earn if it wins.

To profit in the short and long term, you may want to try playing individual games in the tournament. On the other hand, you can try placing bets on the outcome of the tournament as a whole and individual games.

Meanwhile, each betting option features various special bets you can choose from. From the correct score, all the way up to total maps played, the options are listless. After choosing your betting options, the next thing is choosing the right CSGO betting site for you.

The best option should provide the full package, including all three betting options, the special bets, and different payment methods.

CSGO Betting Strategy for Beginners

There are various betting methods on CSGO; below is an overview of a great strategy for successful CSGO betting.

The Theory of Compound Interest. This method is not specifically built for betting per se, but you can use and profit from it. This betting strategy involves you betting with little money that will germinate and grow into a lot of money.

The catch here is that you need to apply the theory to your bets; you wouldn’t want to waste money on accumulators and the like. Meanwhile, losses are bound to occur once in a while; when it does, stay calm and don’t rage-bet the rest of your bankroll.

How much you earn using this strategy depends on the bankroll you started with. For example, if you have a bankroll of $3,000, your initial 1-unit bet is $60. The idea is that the more you invest, the faster your bankroll will grow.

You want to put your money in strong positions in applying this strategy. You need to research and have a general idea of an outcome or a potential upset. You don’t want to bet a lot of money on a match you are unsure of.

Tips for CSGO Betting for Beginners

Here are three important CSGO betting tips to help you come out on top and earn.

  • Set betting limits for yourself; you don’t want your passion turning into an addiction. That’s why you need to create a bankroll; you play with the extra money you have without going into debt.
  • Research every match in a game before you bet; you can find useful information on competing teams on popular sites like Reddit. Twitter and Instagram can be useful tools you can use in your predictions to boost your winning chances.
  • Rage-betting is a common scenario among beginners or inexperienced bettors, especially when they are on a losing streak. If you find you’re losing too often, the best thing is to hold back a few days before betting again. Since most beginners are about making money fast, this can be a tough challenge, but you must stay disciplined.


As far as CSGO beginners go, one cannot give too many betting tips, advice, and strategy. These tips keep you from making costly mistakes like betting more units than your bankroll can take.

If you want to bet and profit from CSGO matches, you must implement the best strategy and follow the right tips. You also need to play on a platform that guarantees you the security of transactions; Parimatch is one of such.

Beyond the many bonuses the platform provides, it ensures the security of transactions.