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CS:GO esports team Astralis sign ‘seven figure deal’

One of the top Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams, Astralis, have sealed a big partnership with Coco Fuzion 100. According to our sources, that deal is worth ‘a seven figure sum’ in dollars.

Coco Fuzion 100 are a group of flavoured, sparkling coconut waters that are a healthy alternative to sugar and caffeine rich drinks.

They also sponsor Chelsea and Spain midfielder, Pedro, and Astralis believe this partnership can help them on their journey as they continue to strive for improvement.

Leading CS:GO team Atsralis have now partnered with Coco Fuzion 100 in a seven figure deal

Coco Fuzion also sponsor Chelsea tar Pedro and hope to help Astralis perform to a high level

Coco Fuzion also sponsor Chelsea tar Pedro and hope to help Astralis perform to a high level

Philip Lindgaard, Head of Sales for C7 Brands Scandinavia who supply Coco Fuzion 100, explains why the drinks can help esport players: ‘In order to perform on the highest possible level during often very long games, a stable hydration is essential for the players. 

‘In esports, it’s not about 4×15 or 2×45 minutes, the players need to stay sharp and perform over many hours, and this is exactly where Coco Fuzion creates an edge for the Astralis team. 

‘It’s a unique opportunity for us to make a real difference in a very interesting and growing market.’

Anders Hviid, Head of Marketing C7 Brands Scandinavia elaborates on why they have entered the esports industry: ‘First of all, we see a giant potential in esport. It’s the fastest growing competitive entertainment worldwide and Astralis is one of the leading teams. 

‘We see a direct link between professional esports and our mission at Coco Fuzion 100. We want to challenge the norms and we believe that the cooperation with Astralis will enable us to increase the focus on healthy living and performance optimisation in the gaming community.’

Astralis player and in-game leader, Lukas ”gla1ve” Rossander, looks forward to the benfits:’To us, it’s also about maintaining a knife sharp focus for longer periods, and preparation means everything. 

‘Exercise, the right diet, differentiated and repetitive practice, a stable blood sugar count, mental balance, the right equipment and the optimal uniform are elements that make a difference, and the focus on a healthy lifestyle has certainly helped our team in the game and in general.

‘Staying hydrated and maintaining the right sugar balance means a lot more than most people think 


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