Customized Security Fencing for High-Risk Project: Top Options to Consider

When it comes to high-risk projects like prison facilities, military bases, and luxurious private residential, physical security is always a priority. Such projects require the latest, most advanced, and practical security measures to monitor and keep the property safe. This brings us to the importance of a security fence. But since it’s a high-risk project, it’s necessary that the fencing solution is customized to suit the needs of the project as well as those of the residents. It needs to address the issues and challenges faced on a day-to-day basis. For instance, the fencing solution should come with features like anti-climb, intrusion detection, threat classification, and alert trigger. This ensures that your high-risk project is secure at all times. To get you started, here are 4 customized fencing options to consider:

  1. Electronic Vibration Intrusion Detection System

Do you ever imagine how easy it can be to take advance security measures if you receive reliable alerts concerning a possible intrusion? Well, this dream is now a reality with a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS). The system works by detecting vibration around the perimeter of a property and classifying the threat before electronic signals are sent to a control center. This allows you to detect when there are attempts to intrude your property in real-time.

Most PIDS solutions are buried underground just along the perimeter to create an invisible fence line for your property. These systems can detect forms of intrusion like footsteps, tunneling work, and moving cars. Since the systems are hidden underground, they can’t be sabotaged or detected. There are also free-standing PIDS solutions, which are positioned above the ground.

Unlike the underground PIDS solutions, free-standing options can be seen but not all intruders know what they are. In addition to the two PIDS solutions, other options are mounted to the fence barriers: the barrier-mounted PIDS. Unlike underground options, barrier-mounted PIDS solutions go unnoticed by intruders and are very effective in sending electric signals.

  1. Laser Security System

Laser systems use infrared motion detection (IMD) technology to secure high-risk perimeters. The system can be controlled by a remote device or a Smartphone. If an object is detected around the detection area, the laser alarm goes off. Along your perimeter, laser scanners are mounted to create an invisible fence more like underground PIDS. The invisible fence can be as high as you want, depending on how risky your project is. If it’s installed next to the fence, laser beams protect the fence at all angles. So, intruders can’t climb over it.

Nowadays, laser security systems are very precise. They can analyze important information to determine if something or someone is a potential threat. The system will look at factors like the size of the prospective threat, movements, and exact location before the alarm can go off and laser beams can be activated. The system first sends the information collected to a video control center or the central control room for a response to be initiated. The advantage of laser security systems over PIDS solutions is that they are not affected by heat changes, vibrations, and small animals. The lasers are target-specific.

  1. Scanning and Early Warning System

This system works more like a PIDS only that there’s a scanner in place of a vibration detector. Thus, the system doesn’t detect vibrations and other forms of movement but captures the images of intruders. This means that they can detect who or what is trying to invade or access your property. Once an image is scanned, you receive an early warning on your device. This gives you enough time to think of a response or to call the police. The beautiful thing is that the security fencing solutions are customized not to send false alerts. So, you’ll only receive an alert when something serious is about to happen. For residential projects, a scanning and early warning system is not just a security line for the tenants but also the entire neighborhood.

  1. Security Fencing with Razor Barbed Wire

Also known as security welded fencing solution; this fencing solution is best suited for correctional facilities, power stations, factories, and mental facilities. The top of the fence is a line of barbed wire that’s meant to deter an invader from climbing over the wall. The wires are finger-proof, which also make it hard for intruders to climb over. Most importantly, the view is not obscured, so you can see who’s trying to climb over the fence. To enforce the fence’s security, it’s advisable to have the fence electrified. This will also discourage invaders from trying to access your property.

Overall, all high-risk projects deserve the best and most advanced fencing solutions. At the moment, the above options are the finest for both small and large high-risk properties. You just have to invest in the fencing solution that works for your project. In any case, all of them can be customized to suit your fencing need.