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Customs and Border Protection seizes boat off Puerto Rico transporting $20million worth of cocaine 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents find $20million worth of cocaine when they seize 27-foot boat of the coast of Puerto Rico

  • CBP seized a boat off the shore of Puerto Rico on Tuesday that was carrying $20million worth of cocaine  
  • The cocaine, which registered 1,776 pounds, was split into 28 bundles
  • Agents arrested two men from the Dominican Republic, but their names have not been publicly revealed
  • A CBP plane patrolling the waters off the southeastern city of Patillas detected the boat and alerted its base
  • The agency dispatched a maritime from the eastern city of Fajardo, which intercepted the boat and fired at it numerous time before the men gave in
  • A CBP official told Daily Mail the agency does not know where the boat originally departed from 

A 27-foot boat with $20million worth of cocaine has been seized by US customs agents off the coast of Puerto Rico.

The shocking discovery was made just after midnight Tuesday near the southeastern municipality of Patillas.

Federal agents also detained two men from the Dominican Republic who were traveling aboard the boat with the 1,776 pounds of cocaine, which was split into 28 bundles.

Their names have not yet been announced.  

According to officials, a Customs and Border Protection [CBP] airplane was monitoring the area when it spotted the boat 27 nautical miles from the U.S. territory.

US border agents are used to dealing with drugs smugglers. Pictured in this photo is a U.S. Coast Guard crew unloading 12 tons on cocaine during a different operation in 2018

The CBP agents aboard the plane alerted their counterparts in the eastern city of Fajardo.

The federal agency subsequently dispatched a maritime team which was able to locate the cocaine-filled boat two nautical miles off Patillas. 

The CPB watercraft fired twice into the air as they ordered the drug runners to stop their boat. 

The agents then fired two more times at the boat’s motor before the suspects finally gave up the chase.

A helicopter from the United States Coast Guard backed up the multi-agency  operation as it hovered over the waters and provided additional lighting for the agents. 

A kilo of the confiscated drug would have sold for at least $24,000 in the streets of Puerto Rico although it could fetch as much as $40,000 outside the U.S. territory. 

CBP and ICE officials told Daily Mail the agency does not know where the boat originally  departed from.