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Daily struggles that only a contact lens wearer can understand

Contact lenses are definitely a step up from wearing glasses but just like glasses, on more than one occasion, you might feel like lenses are your frenemy.

Only a contact lens wearer can understand these 10 daily struggles –

  1. When you rub your eyes too hard: Something that normal people can’t relate to but every lens wearer can. Rubbing your eyes can cause your lenses to roll back under your lid, tear or fall out. Undesirable situations all around. Make a conscious effort to not rub your eyes while wearing lenses.
  2. The cost of the lens may break your bank: This is not true for all lenses but some may make you wonder if you’re buying diamonds instead of medical devices. Browse online to compare prices before you make an investment.
  3. Losing one contact while inserting them: Putting in your contacts is a whole other deal. Often while inserting your lenses, you might lose one and spend a good 15 minutes looking for it. To avoid this, use a visibility tint on your lenses to find them immediately. And do rinse them with lens solution before popping it back in your eye.
  4. Falling asleep with your lenses: One too many times you might have gone to sleep with your lenses still in only to wake up feeling like your eyes are being sucked in. Avoid doing this by setting a reminder on your phone and always keep rewetting drops handy in case your lenses get stuck on your eye.
  5. Wearing your lenses for way longer than you are actually supposed to: Just like with other things in life, you might feel tempted to ignore the expiry date and keep on wearing your lenses even though there are clear signs that you should switch. Avoid doing this as it may cause an infection, blurred vision or something grave. Set reminders or switch to daily lenses if you are prone to forgetting.
  6. Wearing someone else’s lenses: If more than one person in your home wears lenses, it is very likely that you might have done this. Without your contacts in, you might mistake their lens case for yours and pop them in to feel immediate agony. Here’s how you can avoid this. Label your lens case to avoid this switcheroo.
  7. Wearing your own lenses but upside down: This is probably worse. Wearing your lenses upside down can mean immediate irritation or redness so make sure you wear your lenses the right way. In fact, if you are in a rush wear glasses instead of trying to pop in your lenses.
  8. When you’re running low on contacts: Chances are this only happens when you’re packing to go away on holiday and all the stores have already closed. When you plan your trip, also make a checklist and buy lenses and enough lens solution to last you the entire trip. Here’s a pro tip: Buy multi-purpose solution instead of lens solution to avoid cramming in too many bottles of solution in your bag.
  9. Buying colored contacts online: This might seem like a good idea and it is unless you are buying it without a prescription. Even though the colored contacts have zero power, without a prescription you can end up scratching your cornea. If you are in the market for colored contacts, try the Bella Silky Gold or the Bella Sandy Gray for a natural look. Always buy colored contacts after seeing a doctor and don’t even think about sharing them with anyone.
  10. Going swimming: Swimming with lenses is extremely tricky so you can just forget about cool underwater shots. Without swimming goggles, you cannot wear lenses in the pool. But there is a workaround to this. You can buy special goggles that have prescription lenses to swim without feeling extremely uncomfortable.

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