Dana White reveals he completed an 86-hour water fast that has left him feeling like a ‘super hero’ but UFC chief quickly tells fans thinking of doing the same to ‘do your own research!’

  • Dana White began the unusual process over after UFC 295 on Saturday
  • He claimed the practice can have significant health benefits
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UFC chief Dana White has revealed he completed an 86-hour fast drinking nothing but water and bone broth.

The 54-year-old, who travelled to New York for UFC 295, said in a video posted to X that he began the fast after the event on Saturday and adhered to it until Wednesday.

Citing unnamed medical studies on the fast, White claimed that it gives people an ‘over 70 percent chance of not getting cancer, Alzheimer’s and other nasty diseases.’

He also showed off his shredded physique from when the fast was over and said it left him feeling like a ‘super hero.’ 

‘I did an 86 hour water fast and i feel INCREDIBLE,’ he wrote on X. ‘Obviously i’m not a doctor, but i’ve been told by the experts that water fasting can help to significantly reduce the risk of cancer, alzheimers and a ton of other health issues.’

He showed off his ripped physique at the end of the fast

Dana White drank only water with electrolytes and bone broth – and achieved a ripped figure

White is seen at the UFC 295 event at Madison Square Garden in New York on November 11

White is seen at the UFC 295 event at Madison Square Garden in New York on November 11

He later added, ‘Do you own research and talk to your own medical professionals, but I absolutely recommend it.’

White explained that for the first 24 hours of the fast, he drank only water with electrolytes.

He then introduced bone broth into his liquid diet for the next two days, drinking it twice daily.

White gushed at the physical results the fast produced. 

‘Obviously you’re doing it for the internal,’ he said. ‘But externally, you get absolutely shredded on this thing.’

White previously turned to medical help from human biologist and ‘biohacker’ Gary Brecka, who told the fighting mogul he had just over 10 years to live based on blood and DNA samples.

White then lost 39 pounds and drastically turned his health around.

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