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Daniel Andrews says Victoria’s Covid-19 vaccination mandates won’t last forever

Daniel Andrews promises Victoria’s most loathed Covid rule ‘won’t be around forever’ – after signalling restrictions well into next year

  • Victorian premier said vaccination mandates for his state would be temporary 

Daniel Andrews has promised his strict Covid-19 vaccination mandates ‘won’t be around forever’.

The Victorian Premier made the comments on Tuesday morning but added booster shots would still be required for residents in his state.

‘They won’t be here forever but they’re based on health advice and we’ll continue to follow health advice,’ he said. 

‘Whilst we review all the rules and because of the rules and the vaccination rates we’ve been able to achieve, just over a few weeks ago, we took all the rules off pretty much except for masks in a number of sensitive settings, really. 

‘But we will continue to review continuously all of the rules and that includes the way the vaccinated economy operates.’ 

Daniel Andrews has promised his strict Covid-19 vaccination mandates ‘won’t be around forever’

Mr Andrews’ vaccination mandates have sparked multiple mass protests throughout Melbourne from residents refusing to get the jab. 

Workers from a series of industries including emergency services, real estate workers, vets and various other staff were required to show proof of their full vaccination by last Friday in order to continue working outside their home.

As of this Monday, teachers and carers in daycare settings also had to show proof they have received the jab. 

All healthcare workers will need to be double vaccinated by December 15. 

Mr Andrews on Tuesday also said he was supporting the vaccinations for children aged between five and 11.

‘But I will say this, we’ve got to get boosters done, we’ve got to get the paediatric vaccine done, and the last couple of days show us that this virus is not static. It’s going to keep changing,’ he said. 

More to come.