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DANNY MURPHY: Harry Kane would be foolish to say no to Bayern Munich

DANNY MURPHY: Harry Kane would be foolish to say no to Bayern Munich… he should head to Germany to win the trophies he deserves – while there should no stopping Erling Haaland hitting 40 goals this season

  • Harry Kane would regret saying no to Bayern Munich if they come calling 
  • Erling Haaland should be the first Premier League player to hit 40 goals this year
  • Joao Cancelo’s exit was another example of Pep Guardiola’s ruthless streak  

If Bayern Munich come calling for Harry Kane this summer, he should go. It would be hugely sad if a player of his quality finished without winning a trophy. It’s something he himself would regret after retirement.

When I reflect on my career, the best memories are those at Liverpool winning something; the joy at the final whistle, celebrating with team-mates and supporters, the parties and parades afterwards.

That is what you work so hard for and unfortunately Spurs are no nearer giving Kane what he deserves as a world-class striker. He turns 30 this summer, it’s getting to that now-or-never stage but it shows how good his form is that one of the biggest clubs in Europe are still interested.

Going abroad may cost him Alan Shearer’s Premier League goals record but in the grand scheme of things, that shouldn’t put him off. In five years, we could be talking about Harry Kane, Champions League winner with multiple Bundesliga titles and cup medals.

Steven Gerrard always had offers to leave Liverpool and win more trophies. He decided to stay but the difference was he played in teams that could challenge for honours. In the end, he didn’t lift a Premier League but he did win every other major competition; something Kane can’t claim at Tottenham.

Danny Murphy believes Harry Kane would regret turning down Bayern Munich and the chance to win trophies

I’ve no doubt Kane would be a big success in Germany. Bayern usually have more possession than the opposition and he’s such a penalty area maestro —you can only imagine the number of chances he’d finish off.

I’m sure Kane would get other offers. Manchester United have been mentioned but he hasn’t got time to be part of a team that is building. If he was going to leave Spurs, it would be primarily to win trophies from the get-go which would make Bayern his best option.

Haaland will break 40 

I would be surprised if Erling Haaland doesn’t become the first Premier League player to score 40 goals in a season.

The Norwegian must be a midfielder’s dream. I played with some great forwards like Robbie Fowler, Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov, but the strikers who made me look at my best were Michael Owen and Darren Bent because they were always making forward runs.

Sometimes I’d hit an average pass but their speed and awareness would lead to a goal and I’d get praise for a brilliant assist. I’m sure the Manchester City lads love looking up and seeing Haaland motoring forward ready for the next opportunity.

Murphy would be surprised in Erling Haaland doesn't hit the 40 goal mark for Man City

Murphy would be surprised in Erling Haaland doesn’t hit the 40 goal mark for Man City 

No player is more important than the team 

I have a sneaking admiration for players like Joao Cancelo who want to play every week rather than settle for being on the bench but I do understand a manager has to put squad harmony first and in that regard Pep Guardiola has the ruthlessness that we remember Sir Alex Ferguson for.

Nobody at the start of the season could have envisaged Cancelo leaving the Etihad but Guardiola is in the luxurious position of knowing he could let almost any of his players go and he has quality replacements ready to step in.

Cancelo’s contribution to City’s recent Premier League titles won’t be forgotten, he’s been excellent, but with Guardiola in charge no single player is more important than the team. Which is why Manchester City win trophies as regularly as United used to under Fergie.

Joao Cancelo's desire to play every week saw ruthless Pep Guardiola loan him to Bayern

Joao Cancelo’s desire to play every week saw ruthless Pep Guardiola loan him to Bayern 


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