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Daredevil diver plunges unprotected into an alligator-infested pond

  • Diver and documentary cameraman Dan Abbott sits just feet away from one
  • Footage was filmed on January 19 at the Everglades Outpost in Florida, US
  • It is one of 13 massive rescue alligators kept in the pool inside the reserve

This diver proves he is either brave or extremely foolhardy as he slides into an alligator infested pond.

The tense footage, filmed on January 19, shows diver and documentary cameraman Dan Abbott just feet away from the monstrous reptile.

Filmed in Avon Park in Florida, the nature obsessive looks totally at ease as he floats beside the deadly male.

The beast does not move an inch, its powerful legs hanging beneath it.

Its broad, white teeth can be clearly seen.

The alligator – believed to be of the American type – is housed in Everglades Outpost wildlife refuge which houses rescued animals.

There are two species of alligator, the American alligator and the Chinese alligator. 

Dan Abbott sits on the basin floor of the alligator pond at Everglades Outpost in Florida, feet away from one of the deadly reptiles

It is one of 13 kept in the pool at the reserve, where most have been rescued from death.

The reserve is open to public and holds tigers, camel and of course alligators, which can grow to weigh over 450kg (1000 lb).

They have a powerful bite but the muscles that open the jaw are relatively weak. An adult human could hold the jaws of an alligator shut with their bare hands.