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Dashcam footage shows driver nearly hit police head-on

  • Four motorists will face hefty fines after dashcam video was handed to police
  • One incident caught on tape shows a driver nearly hit police on bikes head-on
  • The officers turn straight around and chase the driver with their lights flashing 

Dashcam footage has dampened the festive cheer of at least four drivers in Adelaide – but one of them is just lucky to have escaped a jail sentence. 

Video taken from a car driving through the Adelaide Hills on Saturday shows one car driver cross double lines to overtake the vehicle in front on a blind corner, only to nearly run into police head-first.

The risky manoeuvre was the driver’s second illegal overtake in just minutes, and could likely have seen at least one of the bike-riding officers killed.

Unfortunately for the driver, police were quick to turn around and chase after them. Video shows the bikes travelling back in the other direction with lights flashing.

Police say the driver was identified on the day, but after the dashcam footage was provided to officers from a nearby car, the person is now expected to be reported for dangerous driving.

Another car driver and two motorcyclists who broke similar road rules are also expected to be issued with expiation notices for failing to keep left of the dividing line, which carries a $378 fine, plus a $60 victims of crime levy. 

A driver came close to colliding with police on Saturday when he crossed over double lines on to the wrong side of the road and headed around a blind corner

Superintendent Anthony Fioravanti, of the SA Police Traffic Support Branch, said Operation Safe Holidays had been launched only a day prior, and officers were appealing to the community to ‘think about their manner of driving’. 

‘Police want everyone to have a safe Christmas – and not to see us at the scene of a preventable, life-changing crash,’ Superintendent Fioravanti said.

‘This footage shows motorists who were seconds away from collisions that could have had a devastating impact for themselves and the other drivers in the area.

‘Police don’t want to be on the doorstep delivering the news to your loved ones of a terrible crash – we simply don’t want to see you in these circumstances. However these drivers will be seeing police.’

The driver was one of four who received fines for dangerous driving on the same stretch of road

The driver was one of four who received fines for dangerous driving on the same stretch of road