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DATARECOVERY – Data recovery specialist from Saxony

German companies lose around 34 billion euros annually due to data loss. This was the conclusion reached by the EMC Data Protection Index from Dell Technologies. A data recovery specialist like Jan Bindig can ensure that the damage is minimized. Because lost data is not necessarily lost. How long it takes to recover the data, and how complicated the process is, depends on both the cause of the data loss and its severity. Jan Bindge’s company Datarecovery, based in Leipzig, Germany, is specialized in professional data recovery. Their success rate in data reconstruction is almost 90 percent.

What are the reasons for data loss?

The main reason for data loss is almost always an incomplete or even non-existent data backup, says Jan Bindig, CEO of Datarecovery. In addition, both physical and logical causes play a role in data loss. Among physical causes, power failure, liquid ingress, damage from falls, and similar incidents that cause damage to hardware are evaluated. Logical causes, on the other hand, are often found in the software area and refer to system crashes, premature disconnection of external drives, or virus programs.

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No matter what the reason for the data loss is, if there is important data on the laptop or storage medium, a data recovery specialist should be consulted. Because improper handling of the technology can cause irreversible damage so that in the end the data recovery specialist also has no chance. Breaking open the hard drive case without further ado to investigate the cause can cause additional damage. Because a YouTube video is often not enough to acquire the necessary know-how for data recovery.

How does data recovery from the hard disk work?

A head crash is the best case. Only the read and write heads need to be replaced. With a spare parts stock of more than 100,000 parts, this is no problem for Datarecovery. The situation is different if the hard disk is more severely damaged. In this case, the magnetic disk must be transplanted so that an exact diagnosis can be made. Normally, the customer receives a cost estimate after one or two days. After approval, the data recovery is initiated by the data recovery specialist.

The data that is still on the magnetic surface is copied as raw data to an additional data carrier. The logical reconstruction of the data then follows. For this purpose, raw data is recovered bit by bit in several steps. For this purpose, manual and semi-automatic methods as well as an in-house developed software are combined. The data recovery can take between a few hours and several weeks. The size and severity of the damage are decisive. For example, it takes longer to recover encrypted data from a broken hard disk.

Data recovery at Datarecovery is not limited to hard disks, but also includes flash drives of all kinds and SSD cards, which have become standard in notebooks and professional server environments. Because Datarecovery knows that important data can not only be stored on hard disks, and therefore has been educating itself in this area for some time.


Datarecovery was founded in 2004 as an owner-managed company. Under CEO Jan Bindig, the company is specialized in IT forensics and data recovery. With locations in Leipzig, Chemnitz, and Hamburg, the company provides fast and competent support to repair all kinds of digital data losses. The quality standard within the team is 90 percent, which is remarkably high in the data recovery industry, but ultimately benefits the customer. Jan Bindig himself shines with his experience in the field of IT security. With a specialization in reverse engineering, he has been active in server administration and network security since the late 1990s.

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