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Dating Websites with the Fastest Registration Process

When it comes to finding love, waiting is the last thing we need. Any obstacle that gets in the way of our destiny, causes irritation to say the least. The need for a quick solution of any emerging problem is typical for active Internet users. Slow-speed connection, long loading of the website, and, finally, 150 questions in the questionnaire that you need to fill out when registering on a dating website … this is some kind of a digital hell, right?

Therefore, services, where you can get by filling out a couple of lines and immediately start searching for an ideal partner, are in demand. We suggest going through the list of popular dating websites, where you need to write only a few lines that separate you and thousands of candidates. You can add the rest along the way.

Facebook Dating

This service became the leader on the list because you do not need to register at all. We are 99% sure that you already have an account on Facebook, which means you have already provided all the information about yourself to social networks. Facebook Dating automatically pulls it up. You do not even need to log in to a separate website – you just need to go to a special section of the website.

Do not worry about privacy. The synchronization between the two services has clear boundaries. None of your Facebook friends will ever know that you are using a branded dating website.

Also, the system will not offer you your friends as candidates for partners. However, if you would like to, you can use the Secret Crush feature. Indicate the person with whom you would like to have a closer relationship among your friends, and if at some point he/she does the same for you, then Facebook Dating will notify you of this. If there is no mutual sympathy, your secret love will remain a secret.


This is perhaps the most popular dating app to date. Its functionality is designed to be fast and convenient. This also applies to registration.

After downloading the mobile application (available for both Android and iOS), you can choose the authorization method via Facebook. Tinder will simply pull up your name and photo from the social network, and the only thing left is to confirm the registration using the SMS code that will be sent to your mobile phone. Further filling out the questionnaire is voluntary.


This is the ideological heir of the aforementioned Tinder. By analogy, it provides fast authorization through the largest social network. All basic information, including photos, can also be “pulled” from Facebook, which minimizes additional actions on your part.

Video chat with strangers

Random video chats deserve to be mentioned separately because they allow you to get acquainted, make new friends and even build relationships in general without any registration on the website.

In fact, after you find yourself on the random video chat page, you already see a window for video communication. To connect, you just need to press 1 button and you are already on air.

Of course, many video chats with strangers have an option to register, add information about yourself, fill out a profile with your hobbies and interests, indicate your country of residence and purpose of communication. So, the chances of you finding a like-minded or romantic partner increase. But this, of course, is optional.

As you can see, there are a lot of services where there is no need to fill out long questionnaires and pass half-hour testing during registration. We have listed just several of them. Most importantly, remember that the purpose of all these questionnaires is not to postpone the moment when you can start looking for your love, but rather to increase the chances of finding a perfect partner.

Therefore, after quick registration, still take the time to improve your profile, tell about yourself, your interests and desires, so that your “soulmate” can find you in no time.


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