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David Milberg: Former Lehman Brothers Boss Continues His Financial Career 

David Milberg is an attuned financial expert who has spent his professional life dealing with numbers. He started his banking and financial career after graduating from Princeton University in 1986.

In the spring of 1987, Milberg officially began his finance career with Bankers Trust Company. He started as an analyst in the bank’s loan sales and syndications department.

While at Bankers Trust, Milberg was responsible for marketing loans originated by the bank to finance large leveraged buyouts such as Ralphs Supermarkets, Northwest Airlines, and Kohl’s Department stores. After being promoted to an associate, David Milberg left Bankers Trust Company and went to business school.

Education advancement

David Milberg began his higher education at Princeton University, where he got his Bachelor of Arts in history. Despite having graduated from an Ivy League school and working at an excellent job in the world’s financial capital, NYC, that was not enough for David Milberg.

He decided to pursue a master’s degree in business administration at Columbia University. With that credential, Milberg realized that he could expand his professional opportunities in the finance industry, and so he acquired an MBA in 1991.

David Milberg was very hardworking and achieved notable success while at Columbia. He was a step above the rest of his classmates, and it led to him getting a spot on the Business School’s Dean’s list throughout the four semesters he was there.

This status helped Milberg get a coveted teaching assistant position in the corporate finance department of Columbia Business School. It was a significant milestone while trying to shape his career.

The Impact of Banking with Lehman Brothers

In the summer of 1990, David Milberg’s involvement in the financial world kept rising steadily. He worked as a summer associate at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., a premier financial services firm in NYC. David performed well at his job, which led to a permanent position with Lehman Brothers.  David Milberg climbed through the ranks, and within five years, his superiors promoted David into a Vice President role.

Notably, while David Milberg was working at Lehman Brothers, he was tasked with various transactions such as private placements, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, rights offerings, and follow-on-stock offerings. Initially, he focused on natural resource companies and later on media and communication firms.

Working with his father

While at Lehman Brothers, David Milberg’s father persuaded him to pursue a new career at his family’s New York City factoring firm, Milberg Factors, Inc. Leonard Milberg strongly encouraged him to join the family factoring business founded many decades before.

Leonard assured his son that in short order, he would become president of Milberg Factors. Thanks to his expert guidance, David Milberg soon stepped into a new professional role with Milberg Factors, Inc. Soon after joining the team there, he got promoted to president, as his father had promised.

Under his leadership, the firm transitioned to a more contemporary company. The modernization efforts included establishing a local area network, introducing access to the internet and email, and developing online client reports.

Milberg also facilitated many enhancements to the Milberg Factors, Inc. 401K plan while making crucial decisions regarding acquiring high-profile clients. He served as the president of Milberg Factors Inc. from 2009 to 2015, and by the time he stepped down, the company had grown significantly.

At present, David Milberg continues to be very involved in the daily workings of his father’s and grandfathers’ company. He oversees banking relationships for the company and manages some of the more high-profile customer accounts. Additionally, he sits on the Company’s board of directors.

David Milberg’s role in setting Milberg Factors apart from the competition

When David Milberg took charge of his family business, he led by example. He went to extraordinary lengths to take care of clients. Under David, his caring and compassionate leadership extended to everyone at the company.

Under David, the company demonstrated a track record of helping clients navigate challenges to achieve even greater financial heights, whether the waters were calm or choppy.

David Milberg ensured that the clients’ needs came before anything else. The Company sat down with clients as their financial needs changed, worked out solutions, and saw them through even when conditions were challenging.

Under David Milberg’s leadership, Milberg Factors focused on the big picture and developed sensible financing solutions for clients based on experience and judgment, along with an understanding of the current markets.

Serving at Milberg Factors Inc. for a long time

If there is one thing that Milberg Factors Inc. is well known for, it’s the company’s employee retention. For instance, David Milberg himself is the perfect example of employee longevity. He has been working at the company since 1995, and he continues to hold a place inside the Company’s leadership’s inner circle.

At the guiding hands of David Milberg,  his brother, and his father, Milberg Factors has grown far beyond just the family-named venture David’s grandfather started many years back. It has become an NYC financial staple. The company’s deep financial strength shows its willingness and ability to deploy resources.

About David Milberg

David Milberg is an experienced financial analyst and entrepreneur from New York City. Milberg is a proud father of three kids. Milberg graduated from Princeton University with a BA in History and graduated from Columbia University with an MBA. David currently serves as a Senior Vice President at Milberg Factors, Inc.

Over his tenure at Milberg Factors, David has also involved himself in numerous not-for-profit activities. In light of David’s charitable work, he was honoured in 2000 by the accountants and bankers division of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York and the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Foundation. David Milberg has also been active in the Lincoln Center Business Council.

David Milberg has invested in such major broadway productions as Mel Brook’s The Producers, The Weir, and the hit revival of Pippin directed by Diane Paulus and starring Tony Award Winner Patina Miller at the Leading Player.

David sits on the Board of Trustees for The Prospect Theater Company and is a fervent supporter of the Lincoln Center Theater. David Milberg presently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Princeton Triangle Club, where he was Vice-Chairman.

David Milberg’s new blog at showcases his rich, varied background in musical theatre and live stage performance.

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