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Debt collection in New York: Lawyers vs. Agencies

Businesses often have to deal with debtors who refuse to clear bills and invoices on time. If your company is facing something of this sort, you are not alone. The truth is you have to extend credit to clients from time to time, regardless of the industry or other factors.

There is always a risk when it comes to using judgment and fee collection attorneys in New York. It is not always easy to collect on a judgment in New York.

You have the potential to be wrongfully accused, or worse, to be taken advantage of by taking on an attorney with less than respectable intentions. The solution? Be sure to go through the checklist below before you choose an attorney to represent you!

Suppose you are looking for legal representation involving judgment and fee collection. In that case, you should consider things like how long the lawyer has been practicing law, whether they have experience in your area of law, and what sort of track record they have.

Choosing judgment and fee collection attorneys in New York is difficult because there are many qualified ones to choose from, but these three factors can help narrow your search.

The problem arises when clients don’t pay as per the committed schedules. Enforcing judgments is another challenge. Researchers say that over 70% of all judgments are not collected.

In such circumstances, you can consider hiring a known collection lawyer in New York. Business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs often have their reservations and confusion related to both types of services. Here is an overview of collection lawyers vs. agencies.

The work of collection agencies

Debt collection agencies have one job – They collect debts on your business’s behalf. Agencies usually charge a percentage of the bill as their fee, but there are other arrangements too.

While agencies can use a list of means and ways for collection, they cannot pretend to be lawyers or enforce judgments. If your company deals with a lot of small invoices, you may benefit hugely by hiring debt collection agencies. For bigger bills and other legal work, you need an attorney.

The work of collection lawyers

Lawyers specializing in the enforcement of judgments and debt collection have their experience and expertise too. Lawyers don’t chase your debtors like agencies, but they can be sterner and offer customized solutions for specific debt-related matters.

Lawyers know what it takes to protect the rights and interests of the client, and more importantly, they can advise on other legal options. There are also industry-specific laws that lawyers are more aware of. The expertise and work scope of judgment and fee collection attorneys are undeniable.

Finding a good lawyer

Not all attorneys specialize in this field, and therefore, the work profile of a law firm is something to consider. Ask them about their top cases and settlements, and there is no harm in inquiring about their standard means for judgment collection.

A good judgment and fee collection attorney will have a proactive approach, where they will do what it takes to get the money your business deserves. It sometimes means going after debtors who have vanished in thin air or cannot be located.

Find a lawyer who has worked with companies that are similar to yours and has experience working in your industry.


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