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Del Boy falling through bar is voted greatest TV moment ever

1. Del Boy falls through the bar (Only Fools and Horses) 39%

2. Susan Boyle’s audition (Britain’s Got Talent) 27%

3. Den Watts hands wife Angie divorce papers (EastEnders) 26%

4. Who shot JR? (Dallas) 25%

5. David Attenborough meets the mountain gorillas (Life on Earth) 22%

6. Captain Blackadder goes ‘over the top’ into German gunfire (Blackadder) 22%

7. Rachel gets off the plane and gets back together with Ross (Friends) 19%

8. Kat Slater tells Zoe Slater she’s her mum (EastEnders) 18%

9. Hayley and Roy Cropper say goodbye (Coronation Street) 17%

10. Gillian McKeith faints (I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here) 16%

11. ‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton dies after mum Dot refuses to call 999 (EastEnders) 15%

12. The Red Wedding (Game of Thrones) 15%

13. Nana dies (The Royle Family) 15%

14. Kylie Platt stabbed in the heart (Coronation Street) 15%

15. The tram crash (Coronation Street) 15%

16. George Galloway pretending to be a cat (Celebrity Big Brother) 14%

17. Arthur Fowler’s breakdown (EastEnders) 14%

18. Margo drinks Tom and Barbara’s home brewed wine (The Good Life) 13%

19. Rylan getting through to the X Factor live shows (X Factor) 13%

20. Ted Finally Meets the Mother (How I Met Your Mother) 13%

21. Nikki Grahame’s ‘Who is she?!’ rant (Big Brother 7) 13%

22. Walter White watches Jesse’s girlfriend Jane die – and does nothing (Breaking Bad)13%

23. David Brent dances (The Office) 12%

24. Colin Firth’s Mr Darcey emerges from the lake (Pride and Prejudice) 12%

25. That Brexit discussion – Love Island 11%

26. Carrie Bradshaw finally gets together with Mr Big (Sex and the City) 11%

27. Tony Soprano hears the restaurant door open and looks up… (The Sopranos finale)10%

28. Zammo’s drug overdose (Grange Hill) 10%

29. Matthew Crawley’s Car Accident (Downton Abbey) 9%

30. Matthew’s Christmas proposal to Lady Mary (Downton Abbey) 9%

31. Iain’s Baked Alaska ‘sabotaged’ (The Great British Bake Off) 9%

32. Blue Peter garden gets vandalised (Blue Peter) 9%

33. Tim goes back for Dawn at the Christmas Party (The Office) 8%

34. Ken and Deirdre get married (Coronation Street) 8%

35. Rachel Bradley dies in a car crash (Cold Feet) 8%

36. David Brent finally tells ‘Finchy’ what he really thinks of him (The Office) 7%

37. Beth Jordache and Margaret Clemence kiss (Brookside) 6%

38. Denny Duquette’s Death (Grey’s Anatomy) 5%

39. Omar Little gets killed by a child (The Wire) 3%


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