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Deliveroo data reveals how Australia’s eating habits have changed in isolation

1. Banana bread

Banana bread has been a much-loved treat in Australian households for decades, but the pandemic has catapulted this simple staple into kitchens worldwide as the internet’s most-searched for recipe.

Cheap, fast and easy to make, Facebook groups are filling up with photos of homemade loaves and tricks for making them with a handful of pantry ingredients for anyone still deprived of essentials in the aftermath of rampant panic buying.

2. Pizza dough

Frozen pizzas never fell into short supply, even in the midst of widespread panic buying, but millions are still choosing to make their own instead. 

3. Hand sanitiser

Google’s algorithm includes searches for DIY hand sanitiser on the recipe list, where it falls at number three.

Now symbolic of the pandemic, hand sanitiser skyrocketed in scarcity after coronavirus reached Australian shores on January 25.

4. French toast

Rich, sweet and divinely indulgent, French toast is the ultimate comfort food being chosen by millions to soothe coronavirus stresses in these extraordinary times. 

5. Chocolate cake

Usually reserved for children’s birthday parties, chocolate cakes are enjoying a moment in the sun as housebound bakers search for creative recipes in droves during lockdown. 

6. Dalgona coffee

Dubbed ‘the internet’s new favourite drink’ by BBC Food, Dalgona coffee hit the mainstream after Korean actor Jung Il-woo shared his attempt at making the drink on TikTok in January.

Laden with full cream milk, coffee and an eye-watering two tablespoons of white sugar, the indulgent beverage contains 36 grams of sugar, 40 grams of carbohydrates and a whopping 252 calories per serve, according to Good Food Australia. 

That’s more than a Snickers bar, Mars bar or a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut.

7. Chicken breasts

Creative ways to cook chicken breasts has been the world’s seventh most searched recipe since countries shuttered borders and businesses in mid March.

Cheap and accessible in almost every country, chicken has become the centrepiece of pastas, stir fries and curries in households worldwide.

8. Carrot cake

Carrot cake has somewhat surprisingly become one of the most searched for desserts in isolation.

Time consuming and rather complex in terms of assembly and ingredients, amateur bakers blessed with more time at home than ever before are trying their hands at the recipe which creates a rich, decadent flavour if it’s followed correctly.

9. Minced beef

With a kilo of grass-fed meat costing less than $10 in most supermarkets, it’s little wonder recipes involving ground or minced beef were the ninth most popular search as the threat of recession looms large the world over.

The versatile and inexpensive cut works well in pastas, pies, tacos and burgers, making it a fail safe inclusion on any quarantine menu.

10. Fried rice

Rounding out the top 10, searches for fried rice have soared since coronavirus was declared a pandemic on March 11.

The simple dish can be made with almost any meat or vegetables, and is a great way of using up leftovers from the fridge or pantry which would only spoil otherwise.

Source: Google Trends


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