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Different Types of Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions and Their Applications

Scamming in the form of counterfeiting has become a global pandemic. Business trademarks are being stolen, and fake products have spread everywhere.

Consumers fall prey to the defrauded companies in greed for saving some money, and thereby reputation has deteriorated. Although counterfeiting of famous brands is common, raising public awareness and introducing anti-counterfeiting solutions can prevent the retailers from tricking and the manufacturing brands from defamation.

Anti-Counterfeiting Supports in the Market

Counterfeiting products have largely threatened the intellectual property (IP) of businesses. However, multiple anti-counterfeiting solutions address this issue. Creating a strong brand identity, using the same logos and packaging, and an authorized retail network is the basic marketing strategies against counterfeiting.

Moreover, security labels, holograms, and serial numbers act as added-level security features.

Address the Challenges with Anti-Counterfeiting Techniques

Tianjian Tech is committed to providing the best anti-tamper protecting strategies associated with product safety and brand protection:

Security Thread: Tianjian tech inserts colorful and attractive security threads into the packaging paper to enhance the anti-counterfeiting characters and promote purpose. They have high precision with Nano text as small as 0.4mm.

Security Paper: Tianjian Tech offers high-quality security paper in all sizes, composed of 75% cotton and 25% linen. The paper’s surface is either laminated, watermarked, micro texted, or silver stamped to ensure high levels of product security.

They are combined with a security thread, which can be customized with patterns and text. The production process of security paper is complicated, the technology is advanced, and the manufacturing cost is also high, making it hard to counterfeit.

RFID Tags: Tianjian Tech manufactures, innovates, and customizes RFID tags for industrial tracking systems. These RFID tags are made from chip, aluminum foil, PET, glue, and release paper. RFID labels are widely used in jewelry management, luxury management, library management, warehouse management, asset management and etc.

How to Choose Different Types of Anti-counterfeiting Protection?

On the one hand, multi-level counterfeit protection is provided by Tianjian Tech’s special anti-counterfeiting techniques. On the other hand, anti-counterfeiting security papers and security threads are widely used in alcohol, cosmetics, food, license, etc. Moreover, metal and liquid goods can be tracked easily via RFID tags.

Let’s explore the types and relevancy of anti-tamper protection:

  • Alcohol Solution: It is vital to have authenticity and traceability of liquor products as it is related to the health and safety of people. Tianjian Tech has secured many famous alcohol brands by providing customized security labels. To ensure that the product is traceable and controllable, anti-counterfeiting support needs to achieve product authenticity inquiry, reverse traceable, and recalled.
  • Cosmetic Solution: Cosmetics need high safety as they come into direct contact with the skin. In cosmetics, the latest three-dimensional multi-layer structured material keeps the “authentic text” and the “structural 3D code” for securing brand authenticity, which can enhance the management ability of cosmetics producers as a whole.
  • Food Solution: Food safety is related to the health and well-being of mankind. Unfortunately, counterfeit food is an increasingly global issue. Thus, the food industry never felt so urgent to have an effective anti-counterfeiting system. For food items, go for enterprises that can manage the secured circulation of products in the market, ensuring that the food trajectories are all traceable.
  • License Solution: Be cautious and have a structural 3D code on licenses which is a unique identification credential. It can also be interfaced with government platforms, allowing regulators to have evidence to check.
  • Tobacco Solution: For tobacco, hot stamping 3D code solves the problem of brand counterfeiting. It has three-dimensional features which cannot be copied and have completely independent intellectual property rights.


If you want to ensure the complete security of your brand, the aforementioned Tianjian Tech’s anti-counterfeiting solutions are the way to go.

Tianjian tech has been a reliable security sticker manufacturer since 2006, providing a range of first-rated anti-counterfeiting labels, security threads, tear tapes for packaging, RFID tags, security papers, etc.

Besides, Tianjian Tech has established an independent innovation institute, unique production technology, and software services. Get in touch soon to have one-stop anti-counterfeiting solutions to protect your brand.

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