Digital dating in 2021: things you need to know

Since the advent of the first commercial service 25 years ago, online dating has been rising in popularity, year upon year. With more sites being launched regularly, singles are faced with an abundance of potential outlets to choose from. Why do they gravitate to these platforms? There are many reasons, but the factors consistently outlined are convenience, choice, and flexibility. Although joining a dating site can prove an excellent shortcut to romance in 2021, there are certain things you need to know, especially how digital dating has been impacted by the current pandemic.

Many site users will have been offline for longer periods

The inescapable truth about every aspect of 2021 is that everything has been affected by the pandemic situation. Dating has been hit, with many of the traditional outlets singles utilized for socializing – bars, nightclubs, or social clubs – being forced to close due to restrictions. This has created a climate where people are naturally wary about making contact with individuals they don’t know that much about. Also, with other aspects of their life to think about, going online to look for partners has not necessarily been everyone’s number one priority. Where digital dating is concerned, many of the singles you will encounter might not be as fully engaged in the process. There may be increased incidences of being ‘ghosted’ by other site users who are less committed.

More people will choose meaningful over casual relationships

The pandemic has installed a philosophy where people feel compelled to find out more about people’s backgrounds before committing to any offline liaisons. Previously popular for casual encounters, many sites offered shortcuts such as swiping technology or matching based on proximity. Now singles are liable to be exercising more caution. According to dating experts from, the 2020-2021 pandemic has encouraged a sense that rather than rushing into anything, a form of ‘virtual social distancing’ must be maintained before get-togethers are organized. You need to be aware that more singles are focused on developing chemistry than seeking flings.

Someone’s location can become a crucial consideration

Digital dating has opened up so many possibilities in terms of the type of partner singles can connect to. Many site users have been used to introducing themselves to others from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds. In 2021, people are asking more questions about the backgrounds of the strangers they are making contact with. You only have to listen to news bulletins to realize that many parts of the world have been severely affected by COVID-19. Where singles would once have exercised concerns about any potential partner, nowadays the issues arising are more likely to behave they been involved in frontline work, to what extent have they been impacted by a coronavirus, is their location regarded as a hotspot, and have they been inoculated against contracting an infection.

Daters are more likely to ‘play hardball’

Up until 2020, many individuals would be prepared to interact with a cross-section of prospective partners on digital dating outlets before deciding on homing-in on anyone in particular. They might dip into chatrooms or forums en route, engaging with a diverse range of fellow site users, getting involved in flirty conversations. There was often a convivial atmosphere surrounding all this online interaction. Months of lockdown has created an aura of apprehension. In 2021 singles will be much more direct when approaching relationships. They are also likely to be taking advantage of technology such as video chatting even virtual reality engagement, rather than arranging get-togethers at the earliest convenience.