Digital marketing: a beginning of new era

The term digital marketing encompasses all the marketing mediums that include the usage of a digital or electronic device and an internment connection.

Digital marketing can be defined as the utilization of these digital methods and means to connect with potential prospects. From online branding to paid advertisements, a broad spectrum of methods and channels come under the umbrella of digital marketing.

The technological takeover of the business and marketing worlds has altered the way businesses promote their products and services.

With the advent of digital means and channels, companies and business organizations have to tailor their marketing approaches and tactics to reach their potential customers.

This change in marketing has led to a rapid increase in the rise of modern and up-to-date businesses and companies. While on the other hand, it has made the competition tougher and business success even more difficult.

To succeed in this hyper-connected and highly competitive marketing world, a massive marketing budget alone won’t cut the deal for you. Businesses now have to leverage these digitized marketing channels to set their venture on the path to success.

With constantly increasing internet accessibility, the number of people utilizing this approachability has skyrocketed.

For that very reason, companies and businesses of this modern era need to have a clear understanding and firm grasp on ways to maximize the benefits of the digital mediums and methods to create a powerful impact on their potential prospects and to leave a lasting impression on the digital markets and business world.

A paradigm shift in marketing:

There are tons of highly digitized marketing mediums and strategies that are continuously evolving. In this internet-connected age, businesses are urged to utilize these digital methods to succeed in their business efforts and endeavors.

There’s a high chance that the strategy which was workable last year might not bring success to your business this year.

Keeping your business strategies and methods updated and per the current marketing trends is one of the biggest challenges that digital marketers have to face. The rise of digital mediums has given a new meaning to business marketing.

Let’s have a look at how digitalization has changed marketing paradigms and business strategies:

Customer service: Customer service was of the least importance before the advent of digitalization.

However, that’s not the case anymore. One of the biggest changes that the digital age brought to the business world is the timely and constant availability of customer service.

Now, the customer service department is always there to address and listen to your problems and provide you with the proper solution or connect you to the concerned department.

Many successful businesses and firms believe that customer service is their strongest point in this highly competitive business world. For that very reason, several businesses have to make drastic changes in their marketing resources and means.

While timely customer service plays a pivotal role in business success, it doesn’t infer its 24/7 availability. It means that you have to provide the customers with a quick and fast response.

Instant communication: Modern communication means and channels are other great facets of how digitalization has changed human lives or specifically, the business world.

The integration of these modern communication channels has provided the business world with a more level playing field.

Apart from equal opportunities, modern communication means have also brought a change in customer behaviors. Targeting the relevant audience and potential customers have become easier than ever before. A big brand doesn’t guarantee business success.

Small and medium-sized businesses have as much power and influence as any other huge brand or globally recognized company.

Modern communication channels (including business SMS texting and the use of social media) coupled with digital marketing methods and strategies provide smaller companies with as many opportunities and coverage as well-established and highly-developed firms and brands.

Social media advertising: Business advertising was a relatively simple concept; the company with a massive advertising budget gets all the public attention and gains ultimate business success.

However, with the rise of the digital age, advertising is not the same anymore.

At the beginning of this digital business age, digital advertising and its means were free and easily accessible which was a relief to many smaller businesses as advertising used to cost a lot.

However, with the amalgamation of social media platforms in digital advertising, paid advertisements are back in the business industry.

Take the example of platforms like Wikipedia and Facebook, reaching the maximum audience was never this easy. Paid ads were re-introduced in the business industry by Facebook, and many other platforms followed its lead now each marketing platform offers highly targeted paid advertisements.

Or if you want to reduce advertising costs, you can leverage the benefits of the free digital encyclopedia of Wikipedia. All you have to do is to hire Wikipedia writing services and leave the marketing job to them.

Fortunately, these paid ads don’t cost as much as traditional advertising methods. Businesses and companies have to assign a small portion of their marketing budget to connect with potential prospects through social media.

The disappearance of traditional advertising: Let’s face the facts; the traditional way of advertising your products through television and radio is no longer in practice. TV or radio advertisements are taken over by all the online streaming services.

As more and more people are going online, sitting in front of a TV screen is soon going to be the talk of the past—why waste your time in front of a TV when you can watch the same show without any advertisements online?

Additionally, digital advertisements are more targeted than traditional ads. You pay for capturing the attention of the people who might have some relevance to your business and turn them into your potential customers.

The rise of the influencers: An innovative and modern method of word-of-mouth marketing—influencer marketing. Rather than advertising directly to the masses, paying an influencer to get the job done is what influencer marketing is all about.

With the rapid growth in social media platforms, the number of successful influencers is also increasing. From Insta Celebrities to YouTube stars, using influencers can be an effective way of marketing.


The amalgamation of technology in the business world heralded these changes in marketing strategies and methods. It has disrupted the foundations of traditional marketing and has changed what was once regarded as marketing.

While many people are still complaining and unaccepting of this new phenomenon, it has opened up new avenues for many smaller and even huge businesses and companies.


Source: Wikipedia Writing Services