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Discover Madeira – one of the best islands to visit in Europe

Planning a trip to Europe? Confused about where to go?

Discover this beautiful island tucked away in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean – Madeira. Madeira is a vibrant island and home to not only abundant natural beauty and stunning landscapes but also a spectacular culinary culture.

To discover the beautiful sea surrounding the island with dolphins and whales, there cannot be a better place than this small island.

Not only this, the Island of Madeira has got adventure, history, world-class food, gorgeous wildlife, and whatnot. The best thing about this island is that it’s an all-year-round destination. Madeira is easily accessible with pleasant weather all year round.

Top reasons why Madeira is worth visiting:

Amazing Landscape and Scenery

Madeira is a treasure of natural beauty.

This island is in the Atlantic that belongs to Portugal, thus enjoying a very mild climate and a varied and exotic landscape. Popularly referred to as the island of Eternal Spring, the beauty of Madeira catches the eye of everyone who comes here.

The whole island is like a garden covered with flowers.

There are black and golden sand beaches, incredible mountains, incredible hiking trails, and even the highest cliff in Europe!

Relatively Cheap Destination

Compared to other islands in Europe, such as the Canary Islands or Corsica, Madeira is much cheaper.

To start with, the travel expenses are lowered with the choice of low-cost flights. Then, most of the tourist attractions are free, just beautiful nature destinations. Hotels are also affordable with good value for money.

Year-round destination

Madeira enjoys pleasantly mild weather throughout the year. It is almost never too hot or too cold with just a little variation in the weather. Whenever you decide to visit, there will always be something to do.

You can swim in the natural pool at Porto Moniz, hike at the PR1 trail, or even surf and dive both on the northern and southern coasts. If you want to escape the harsh winter of Europe, Madeira is the place to go.

Most Amazing Carnival

Madeira gives you the chance to celebrate the most amazing carnival in the world. This annual carnival is held 40 days before Easter, which ends on Shrove Tuesday (called Fat Tuesday in Madeira). It is the day before Ash Wednesday.

There are two parades called ‘The parade of Allegorical’ celebrated with lively colored costumes and the second parade called ‘trapalh~~ao’ which is the funniest parade everyone is waiting for.

So Madeira’s Carnival is a good event to attend during the Holiday season.

Madeira’s Culinary delights

The food in Madeira is delicious! All fruits and Vegetables are simply amazing. On the streets of Madeira, you can try Bolo de Caco, a circular Madeira flatbread that is filled with all sorts of ingredients.

The fish soup in Madeira is so different and surprisingly good. Even though Madeira cuisine is heavily based on fish and meat, there are now more restaurants adding vegetarian and vegan food options to their menu.


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