Disgusting moment reveller deliberately coughs on drinker after a pub argument over coronavirus

Disgusting moment a woman deliberately COUGHS on a fellow drinker during a pub argument over coronavirus social distancing

  • A woman has been filmed coughing on another patron at a pub in Sydney 
  • Authorities have brought in social distancing measures to slow coronavirus rate 
  • The patrons at the pub had been asked to follow the social distancing rule  
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

The coronavirus crisis has reached a new low, with footage emerging of a woman deliberately coughing on a drinker at a pub.   

In the video, a woman wearing glasses can be seen coughing on a man as she gets up from a booth to leave the bar following an argument about social distancing. 

‘We were in a bar in Sydney. This woman moved a sign on the table about not sitting there due to social distancing,’ the man said. 

Video has emerged of the moment a patron at an Australian bar coughs on a fellow drinker following an argument 

‘We told them that they could not do that and just move to the other table.’

‘They became argumentative and the management stepped in and asked them either to move or leave and this is what happened! Disgusting.’ 

People commenting on the video were shocked at the woman’s behaviour. 

‘How flipping disgusting! What is the world coming to!’ one person said. 

‘It’s exactly those people that make it hard for businesses and others to be safe,’ another person said. 

‘Disgraceful – I can’t believe someone would ever behave like that, let alone in the context of a social distancing/COVID19 world,’ a third added. 

People commenting on the video were shocked at the woman's behaviour

People commenting on the video were shocked at the woman’s behaviour 

A similar video was filmed earlier in March on a Sydney train when a middle-aged woman cough on a fellow commuter. 

The commuter had quietly asked the woman to cover her mouth moments earlier before she then coughed at the man.  

Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier this week announced that indoor venues must limit the number of patrons to 100 as part of safety precautions to slow the spread of coronavirus. 

He also advised Australians to practice social distancing by keeping 1.5 metres away from other people. 

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