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Whale I never! Mesmerising moment a diver came face to blowhole with a 100ft leviathan of the deep off the coast of Sri Lanka

  • Photographer Tanakit Suwanyangyaun, 37, captured the images in Sri Lanka
  • He saw the massive blue whale emerge from the depths to feast on krill 
  • A fellow swimmer got into the shot to show the massive size of the whale  

It’s enough to make anyone feel small. This close encounter with a blue whale demonstrates the scale of these leviathans, the largest animals that have ever lived. 

The gentle giant emerged from the depths to feast on krill that live in Sri Lanka’s warm coastal waters. 

For photographer Tanakit Suwanyangyaun, 37, watching the whale glide out of the inky deep was awe-inspiring.

Photographer Tanakit Suwanyangyaun, 37, captured this amazing image off the Sri Lankan coast as the Blue Whale emerged from the deep chasing after krill 

‘It looked like a submarine,’ he said. ‘Every whale we saw was massive, but this one was up to 100ft long. It made me realise how tiny I am in this world.’

He achieved this remarkable image with the aid of a fellow diver, and said: ‘You need to be fast to get into the water but without scaring them, otherwise they dive down very quickly

‘You only have ten seconds before it swims past you, so you need to hold your breath while diving down with them. It takes a lot of physical effort.’



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