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Do eyelash serums really work?

Every girl within the world desires for longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. Hence, several pay thousands of greenbacks on numerous treatments to grow longer eyelashes. Others hide below the umbrella of falsies. However, the last word resolution to increasing longer lashes – a route less travelled by many – is an eyelash growth serum. If you want to read more about an eyelash growth serum that works click here.

Lash Growth Stage – Anagen Phase

Your lashes are actively growing from the lash root through the vesicles to the skin surface. The lash cells – settled in your skin stratum – are actively dividing and moving up the follicle ladder. This stage lasts for up to forty-five days with 15% of lower lashes growing, and up to 40% of higher lashes are increasing in length. every lash can grow to an explicit length so stop, change to the successive stage (Catagen). as a result of all lashes aren’t increasing at an equivalent time, that explains why we tend to don’t do regular lash trims.

Lash Growth Stage – Catagen Phase

Once the anagen section, the lucky lashes that are growing transitions. Their follicles shrink. And if perchance you erroneously uproot any of your lash hair, it won’t grow back till this phase, and therefore the next is completed. This phase will last up until 3 weeks. We tend to, reckoning on however well you nourish your lash follicles.

Lash Growth Stage – Telogen Phase

As we rest, your hair, as well as that of lashes, rest too. This stage can last up to three months before your lashes fall out and new lashes begin to replace them. You don’t need to panic as a result of solely 15% of your lashes fall out. Thus, you’ll be able to go completely clean in any respect (except in some rare conditions though). It’s traditional for a few lashes to fall off. So, don’t fret. Currently that we all know the lash growth phases, let’s see however lash enhancers come back in, and see if you actually would like them.

How Lash Growth Enhancers Work

Special, well-formulated ingredients are combined within the right proportion to nourish your lash growing cells and follicles in order that you can have lusher, curlier, longer, and thicker lashes. These ingredients additionally condition and strengthen lashes, minimizing fall outs and skinny lashes.