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Do Middle Aged People Play Online Casinos the Most?

Online casinos have grown rapidly since their introduction in 1996. Each year since then has seen the increase of usage and money involved in this field. In the 24 years since the first online casino, there has been plenty of chance to gather statistics about it and notice any emerging patterns. Have a read, this may be quite interesting…

Middle Aged People Play Online Casinos the Most

Men and women between the ages of 35-44 are the most likely to gamble on an online casino according to the data gathered by Statista. This data covers all casino games such as roulette, slots, or blackjack. In 2019 the percentage of players playing on online casinos was 25% for people aged between 35-44. This rose even higher in 2020 up to 29%. There could be numerous explanations for this, however, a likely one is that this is working age and that middle classed people may enjoy an online casino session in the evening once they have got home from work, with a particular trend towards video slots.

Teens and Young Adults Have an Increased Interest

Statista’s data has indicated that people aged between 16-24 have had an increased number playing online casinos. Their usage has gone up 3.1% from 13.8% in 2019 to 16.9% in 2020. It is expected that this number may continue to increase in upcoming years. Social media plays a big part for young people today and there are more and more gambling accounts on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. These accounts encourage people to sign up with exclusive offers. They then post tips too so young people can help get the most out of their online gaming experience.

Mixed Growth in Older Generation

People aged 45-54 have had mixed levels of growth within online gaming. In 2017, 6% of people from that age group gambled online. This grew slightly to 7% in 2018. 2019 saw a decrease in this level with the total number of people this age gaming dropping to just 1%. This could have been due to a number of factors. One is that the people in this age group had tried playing it but then either did not enjoy it enough to continue or just did not understand it. The total has risen again slightly in 2020 with 4% of this age gambling online so far this year.

Increase in Numbers

The data at the end of 2020 should rise for all ages. Brick casinos were closed for a substantial part of the year due to lockdown restrictions and the coronavirus pandemic. This meant that people would have to game online if they wanted to play on their favourite slot machine or roulette. This is likely to not only increase the percentage of people online gaming throughout lockdown but then to potentially increase the long term total too. The reason for this is that people may have gamed online for the first time during the lockdown. If they enjoyed playing slots, roulette, blackjack, etc from the comfort of their living room then it is likely that they will continue to play online even though they could now return to a brick casino. This also would have encouraged people who were perhaps skeptical about online gambling to give it a try, due to the fact that they would not be able to go to their usual brick casino so would have, excuse the pun, had their hand forced and must play online.

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