Dodgers star Mookie Betts suffers a fractured wrist after getting hit by a 98mph fastball

Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star Mookie Betts suffered a broken hand when he was hit with a 97.4mph fastball during Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Royals.

However, there is good news for baseball’s top preeminent leadoff hitter: Betts will not need surgery.

Addressing reporters with a bandage wrapped around his left wrist, Betts said it was the first time he’d ever been hit in the hand, so he was unsure if it was broken at first.

‘I think that’s the first time I got hit in the hand so I wasn’t sure. I just went numb and it hurt,’ Betts said. ‘Unfortunately, it’s broke. There’s (nothing) we can really do now.

‘Just kind of up and in. I was holding my ground. Unfortunately, it hit me in the hand.’

Betts now faces an undetermined spell on the IL. The two-time World Series champion currently boasts a .304 batting average and .405 on-base percentage, which rank ninth and fourth, respectively, in Major League Baseball.

Mookie Betts, right, is hit by a pitch alongside Kansas City Royals catcher Freddy Fermin

There is good news for baseball's top preeminent leadoff hitter: Betts will not need surgery

There is good news for baseball’s top preeminent leadoff hitter: Betts will not need surgery

‘It’s just going to be rest and let the bones heal,’ manager Dave Roberts told reporters.

The incident took place during LA’s 3-0 win over the Royals on Sunday at Dodger Stadium. Betts was facing right-hander Dan Altavilla with a 1-2 count when a fastball ran in on his hands and landed directly on his left paw.

Betts immediately dropped to the ground in obvious pain.

Afterwards, Altavilla stressed that he had no reason or desire to beam Betts.

‘Absolutely no intent,’ Altavilla told reporters. ‘I was trying to go inside in a 1-2 count and it slipped armside out of my hand. I really hope he’s OK.’

Betts plans to visit orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Shin at Cedars-Sinai on Monday, according to

While he’s never broken a hand, Betts has played shortly after breaking a rib as he did in 2022, when he spent 15 days on the IL before making his return. ‘Obviously, I’ll be watching the boys, cheering them on,’ said Betts, whose hand was wrapped up after the game. ‘But other than that, it’s just kind of rest, maybe use it as a mental break. Be ready to go whenever it heals up.’

At 44-29, the Dodgers have a comfortable eight-game lead in the National League West.