Does Air Conditioning Weakens Your Immune System?

As the world has shifted from pre-industrial to a modern industrial world, naturally advancements followed. These advancements included various developments in different fields of life among which technological advancement is a highlight. Things were introduced to the consumer market that aided the consumers in overcoming the difficulties they faced. Air Conditioners are also one of those technological advancements.

Pros and Cons of Using air Conditioning – Digging in deep!

It’s a universal law that everything has both positive and negative influences on an individual and nothing can escape this statement. Air Conditioners also fit under this statement. Keeping in mind how much they facilitate people who live in hot and humid climatic conditions, Air Conditioners help them to a great extent. Air Conditioners drop the atmospheric temperature and provide a cooling effect. This helps the consumers survive in extremely hot areas. Not just this, Air Conditioners are multifunctional advancement of technology and it has various uses.

Humid areas and Air conditioning

If we see in hot and humid areas, air conditioners help the people in the prevention of heat strokes and Air Conditioning helps reduce allergic reactions in the users. The list of its benefits has numerous elements in it and we can not deny the fact that Air Conditioners are of great use and it is useful in so many aspects. However, as I mentioned earlier, just like everything has its positive and negative externalities; Air Conditioners are also nothing short of them. Air Conditioners have its pros and cons as well.

Germs and Air Conditioning

Various scientific research has concluded that sleeping in Air Conditioner has some adverse effects on human health as well. The highlight being the Air Conditioners effecting the human immune system. Immune system is considered to be a crucial element of human health, as it helps the human thrive and survive: it acts like a guard against various diseases. When this guard and armor will be negatively effected, this will have a huge impact on the human health.

As Air Conditioners lower the atmospheric temperature, this causes our immunity to come to a halt and it therefore stops working for the time being. This means that during this time our body is sensitive to any germs/viruses and can contract it very easily without the presence of any guard (Immune System). Air Conditioners unnaturally changes the human body temperature which causes the immune system’s strength to drop. Natural air and temperature is best for us humans for a reason.

Air Conditioning and Heat Strokes

There are areas which have extreme humid and hot climatic condition that it is difficult for humans to survive in such climatic conditions. So, Air Conditioners are of great benefit and great use here. They act as life savers because heat strokes and humidity can suffocate humans to death when extreme conditions prevail. Excess of everything is bad, everything should be used in moderation.

This same thing should be kept in mind for Air Conditioners as well. They are there to benefit us but unnecessary and continuous use can effect our immune systems and health. This may have a detrimental effect on human’s health. So moderation in the use of Air Conditioners is the key to stay healthy and safe during the ongoing pandemic Covid-19, in these times of high uncertainty our health and immune system are the greatest of our blessings.