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Does Influencer Marketing Still Make Sense in a Pandemic?

Does Influencer Marketing Still Make Sense in a Pandemic? The Answer Is Yes!

Picture this… You’re stuck at home with nowhere to go, work’s canceled, and Netflix has lost its appeal. Where do you go for entertainment? Online – that’s where.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, internet activity’s soared by 70%. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy the benefits of a captive audience for your marketing efforts, you’ll never get a better opportunity.

Here’s why you need influencer marketing to help you make the most of it.

Influencers Attract Views

According to Izea, influencers have generated over 15 Billion campaign views on TikTok alone since the coronavirus pandemic began.

That’s only one of the marketing platforms where influencers have enormous clout. You can also work with FaceBook influencers, Instagram influencers, YouTubers, and more.

Now that people are spending more time online than ever before. It makes sense to harness the power of digital marketing to promote your brand.

Influencer Marketing Creates Community

Successful influencers have an engaged online community that they interact with regularly. That means influencers already have a loyal fan base on tap. So, you don’t have to spend your marketing dollars finding and nurturing an audience.

Due to their regular interactions with their followers, influencers understand their audience on a deeper level than any outsider. Their social listening insights can prove invaluable to you when building content to suit these audiences.

After long bouts of isolation, people relate even more to these familiar online characters. That makes influencer input an invaluable tool for online marketers.

Influencers Have the Tools You Need

Are you stuck at home, isolated from your marketing time, and keen to increase your online marketing? You might be out of your comfort zone, but influencers aren’t.

Since most influencers create their content from home, they’ve got everything they need to help market your brand at their fingertips. What’s more, these professionals create content for a living – engaging, shareable material comes naturally to them.

Influencers provide a quick and easy solution to your online marketing challenges.  All you need to do is find one that’s already engaged with your target market.

One of the best benefits of influencers is they won’t risk their reputation by working with a brand that doesn’t appeal to their audience. So, when you work with an influencer, you know you’re getting good value for your money.

Your Customers Trust Influencers

Influencers played a key role in spreading safety messages during the pandemic thanks to the UN’s Global Call to Creatives. This initiative called on people with online followers to create and share content relating to handwashing and other safety measures.

Celebrities and influencers answered the call wholeheartedly, coming up with unique and creative messages that got people to pay attention. They can do the same for your brand.

Stay Up to Date With the Latest Trends

The rise of influencer marketing is only one of the enigmas to come out of this challenging time. Lately, people have genuinely shown their ability to turn challenges into opportunities, why don’t you do the same?

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