Does one deliverability test differ from another one in the way it works?

When it needs to check deliverability, any user runs a test with the help of special programs. But do all email deliverability test applications work in the same way or differently?

Analyzing the working mechanism of an email deliverability test program by Folderly

It’s difficult to find someone in the b2b sphere who hasn’t heard of Folderly. The company has been providing email deliverability check services to b2b oriented businesses for many years already. During all those years Folderly has never failed to meet the needs of a single client.

The word “deliverability” or phrase “deliverability test” tends to perplex people who don’t have enough experience in b2b marketing or aren’t familiar with it at all. Here before you is a thorough guide to what an email deliverability test is, what kinds of them there are plus why and how Folderly’s deliverability checker has managed not to lean back.

To make it maximum clear, let’s take apart the essence of Folderly’s delivery rate checker tool in detail. Here are some basic things to know about the matter:

  • Folderly’s deliverability test application is meant to give users a hand in increasing the rate of how often their letters are opened;
  • the application won’t fix problems magically but will point out things to take care of in order to increase one’s delivery rate;
  • the data that such software provides is the way spam filtering programs react to emails, one’s sender score status, and much else. The statistics is that companies increase their deliverability by 97% using Folderly’s email check applications.

Taking apart supplementary email deliverability test software in detail

What is it that can make one’s necessity to test and analyze email deliverability so urgent? It’s a chain of things depending on whether your delivery rate is high or low. Good deliverability means many of one’s emails are opened and read which in its turn leads to great results in generating business leads. What happens if one’s delivery rate is low is surely apparent.

To play it safe it’s always wise to hire Folderly which guarantees the professional solution of deliverability issues and lending a hand in lead generation most effectively. Folderly is a product of the b2b lead generation company Belkins having the greatest experience in providing quality b2b lead generation services.

Talking about the greatest things, it’s necessary to mention some software that helps one to achieve the most excellent results running cold campaigns and tracking down issues. The programs listed below are always a great addition to Folderly’s email deliverability test.

  • Mail Tester is developed to allow users to carry out a quick check of how healthy their domains are. Thus, you’ll be able to fix problems caused by your domain’s having been blacklisted really quickly;
  • such a tool as Neverbounce will give anyone a hand in making his contact lists purer and more trustworthy.
  • Branch able to create links on the basis of one’s domain should be used whenever some link is intended to be used in an e-letter.

Mail Tester to test domain health for greater email deliverability

Earlier we listed some additional tools to be used in combination with Folderly’s mail delivery rate checker. Now it’s time to take a closer look at them. The first one to be analyzed here is Mail Tester.

As it was mentioned, the program focuses on helping users to keep their IP addresses clean and trustworthy. No dedicated IP address is protected from the possibility to get blacklisted somewhere. In this case, any user’s primary goal is to find out what caused it and what problems should be fixed to avoid blacklisting in the future.

Having run a check with Mail Tester, to increase email deliverability will be much easier. The program will reveal a user’s domain health status to him and point out what things should be taken care of. By domain, health status is meant how many servers have blacklisted a sender.

One just needs to send his email to an address Mail Tester will provide. After a thorough domain purity check carried out by this trustworthy application you’ll know all about how pure you are as a sender and domain owner. Among other options available for the users of Mail Tester is the possibility of resorting to an automatic service taking 1-2 weeks.

Use Neverbounce to test  to increase email deliverability through checking the quality of contact lists

In b2b effective lead generation is highly important as solid leads mean loyal clients in the future. However, to get many good leads it needs to keep one’s address lists purely all the time. The thing is that contact lists get outdated really often. Some addresses may become invalid, others get abandoned, and so on.

Such unreliable addresses tend to be noticed by spam testing applications and ESPs. As a result, servers sending to invalid addresses are marked as suspicious. Sorting out addresses manually is out of the question. For that purpose, it’s most wise to resort to using Neverbounce.

A great number of users who have ever used this software report that it’s highly effective for maintaining a low bounce rate. As a fact, with the help of Neverbounce the bounce rate of 5% or lower can be achieved. There’s nothing difficult about using the application as it features a user-friendly interface and understandable functionality.

However, it should be noticed that any program is still an automatic thing that can pass by a number of things a person will notice. Thus, the usage of any software should be backed up by a user’s own interference in the process of analysis.

Willing to know software used to test one’s email deliverability better?

Though it may be unexpected, learning more about what b2b related tools are and how they work isn’t an unnecessary luxury. The more solid one’s skills in using Folderly’s email delivery rate tester, Mail Tester, Neverbounce or Branch, etc. the better. Such a user or company’s cold emailing always proves more effective and generates maximum business leads.

We know that time is always of the essence for b2b businessmen. Folderly has prepared a great informational blog for those willing to understand b2b better. All one has to do is to create a Folderly account and subscribe to this blog full of useful tips and business methodics.

As a user’s primary helper and source of valuable business info, Folderly features various benefits. They are:

  • one’s opportunity to have his infrastructure put through a deep analysis;
  • finding out what problems drag down sender score and ways to fix that;
  • using the help of Folderly’s experts and content writers to make cold emailing and b2b lead generation maximum effective;
  • learning great strategies to be used while running email campaigns;
  • getting Folderly to help with all of the beginnings of yours and feeling absolutely sure about the success of all your projects.