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Does TOGAF Certification Expire?

“The Open Group Architecture Framework” or TOGAF, developed by The Open Group, is an enterprise architecture framework that is meant to build a high-level framework for software development of an enterprise. This contains a clear set of predefined rules on the development of an organization that is designed to help large enterprises achieve desired development goals in a cost-effective manner and a considerably lesser amount of time.

The framework intends to guide on how an organization can create, interpret, analyze and utilize different elements in a single strategy. This works for a simple interaction between different departments of a company and reduces wasteful errors considerably, and this all takes place while using a clearly defined terminology.

This article gives you a complete overview of TOGAF, its advantages, and how can professionals excel in TOGAF through TOGAF certification training.

Why is TOGAF so Popular?

You might wonder how a single set of guidelines have become so popular that the world’s most powerful and profitable organizations use it. The first reason is related to the scale of an enterprise. Enterprise Architects are supposed to be clear about what exactly are the goals of an enterprise and how it is progressing. Apart from this, they need to care about the tasks of different departments with respect to the enterprise as a whole.

The next reason is that TOGAF helps organizations by providing ways to establish clear return over investments, perfect interaction and a vision of blending everything together under one plan. If you move forward without a preplanned framework, it might risk severe delays and result in the wastage of resources. It may also lead to failure in achieving desired results and expectations.

Another reason to consider TOGAF is it’s top-rank even after 25 years of its establishment. The Open Group continuously refines it and makes it stay on the top.

TOGAF Overview

TOGAF works for helping businesses align IT goals with the desired business goals, like any other IT management framework, along with assistance in organizing cross-departmental IT efforts. Before beginning a project, TOGAF helps businesses to define and organize requirements that in turn allows the project to move ahead quickly with the least possible errors.

According to The Open Group, the purpose of TOGAF is to:

  • Make a single platform where everyone speaks the same language.
  • Utilize the resources efficiently along with saving time and money.
  • Standardizing open methods for enterprise architecture so as to avoid lock-in to proprietary solutions.
  • Achieve high Returns On Investments.
  • Provide all the necessary assets that are required to bring architectural development.

How TOGAF Certification Helps Your Business?

TOGAF can make your business more efficient by providing the tools necessary for creating EA frameworks and visualizing paths of the business clearly. Moreover, it eases the communication by establishing a common vocabulary that every professional speaks or writes, both within and between the businesses. This results in the smooth functioning of any organization. The ADM(Architecture Development Method) works for making a staged approach to enterprise architecture so that it can be adapted by the organization seamlessly. TOGAF creates such systems for an organization that can be used as many times as needed.

TOGAF for Enterprise Architects

TOGAF keeps introducing new versions that are more advanced than the previous one with the same core framework. This lets you continue using TOGAF even if its updates are launched and this only updates your knowledge. So a future proof certification is waiting for you.

Aspiring enterprise architects are taught to manage multiple elements simultaneously as TOGAF is a combination of technical and managerial concepts of IT. The common terminology and framework provide professionals with great networking opportunities. There are no prerequisites for becoming a certified professional and you can learn at your own pace.

The Four Pillars

TOGAF offers specializations in four architecture domains as TOGAF 9.1. These are:

  • Data architecture: this includes storage, management, and organization of data that involves logical and physical data models.
  • Business architecture: this includes business strategies and goals to be achieved by using the existing processes and utilizing the resources available with least wastage of time and money.
  • Technical architecture: obviously it includes IT infrastructure with technological aspects like hardware, software and the processes involved in deploying and developing business applications.
  • Application architecture: this creates a simulation or blueprint for developing or deploying application systems in order to meet business goals and business processes along with the organizational framework.

TOGAF 9 Certification

The TOGAFⓇ Standard is the standard of The Open Group, which is an open Enterprise Architecture standard that is used to improve business efficiency. The TOGAF Certification is used to certify a common body of core knowledge that includes the methodology and framework and is used by the world’s leading enterprises. It is a globally recognized and portable credential that is trusted all over the world and is vendor-neutral. The TOGAF certification can prove to be an excellent career move if you wish to be in the field of Enterprise Architecture.


The TOGAF 9 certification is achieved by passing two exams:

  • TOGAF 9 Foundation (Part 1)
  • TOGAF 9 Certified (Part 2)

TOGAF 9 Foundation is an entry-level qualification that can be achieved when you pass the first exam. The certification program of TOGAF 9 releases its updates that are applicable to 9.x launches. The accredited courses are currently undergoing TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2.

Does TOGAF certification expire?

No, TOGAF 9 certification does not expire. However, if the Open Group releases a new version of the TOGAF standard, you may need to get certified again.

This certification can be achieved by doing a self-study but it is strongly recommended that you take a training course from an accredited training center. Taking a TOGAF certification training will not only help you learn from industry experts but will also prepare you to pass the TOGAF certification exams in your first try.


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