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Dolph Lundgren says ‘Russia is lucky to have Putin’

Swedish film star Dolph Lundgren

Film star Dolph Lundgren has said that Russia is ‘lucky to have’ its president Vladimir Putin.

The Swedish actor, 59, said the Kremlin premier was ‘a good president’ because he ‘keeps an eye on goddamned order’.

He added that he believed Hollywood had started using more Russian villains in films because the US always needs someone to play ‘the bad guy’.

Lundgren, who has played Russian characters in the past including Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, told Swedish publication Cafe: ‘In the past, it’s been the Iranians, ISIS [Daesh], or East Germans, but now the Russians are making a comeback. ‘

Speaking about Russia’s leader he said: ‘I think Putin’s good as president.

‘It’s good that he looks after his country, because if there was some weakling in his place, who knows how things would end up.’

Lundgren has praised Putin in the past.

Speaking to Russian media last year the actor said: ‘Your President Vladimir Putin seems like a calm, collected, mature politician, and someone who always has a plan.’

He has joined other actors including Steven Seagal and Gerard Depardieu in making positive comments about the Russian leader.


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