Dominique Grubisa: a lawyer and property educator

The greatest legal credentials along with a good property portfolio weren’t sufficient to prevent Dominique Grubisa from being forced to peer into the abyss of bankruptcy. Stepping back from the brink, she acquired her own watertight defence, and she shares that revolutionary strategy so other Australian households may safely guard their hard-earned resources and secure their own futures.

Keep this term in your mind; ‘je ne sais quoi’. This term was led at Dominique Grubisa several ages back when she was auditioning for NIDA, the world-famous Sydney acting nursery and school for a few of Australia’s most recognized celebrities.

Like most had a fantastic prospect of becoming successful, before the director of NIDA appeared in the attention and, at his best French accent, mumbled ‘je ne sais quoi’. Since the manager was describing why a few left it and others did not, Dominique felt confident she had been searching around the room feeling sorry for others.  Particularly the unkempt, hippy-looking, lanky woman sitting next to her.

DG Institute

Dominique is proud of this success she has had with the DG proudly, Dominique says, our objectives will be to make certain you’re in charge of your riches and your future and also have the liberty to call the shots. Secondly, we at DG Institute has helped twenty-five thousand Australians reach financial success since launch in 2008, a figure which brings a broad, beaming grin to Dominique’s face. She adds that all of them have something in common. “Hunger! Are hungry and that desire more, who wish to find out more, who wish to strive for freedom.

Her Claim

Dominique Grubisa asserts there is a misconception that carrying over troubled properties is preying on families that are struggling, and she states that purchasing a house from a fiscally distressed owner does not make you a “vulture”. This isn’t a legal issue, but a matter of your integrity and values. I really don’t benefit of an operator’s vulnerability, ignorance and/or hope is preying on them and a few of Grubisa’s teaching supports that.


Dominique Grubisa and her businesses provide a selection of classes and products, such as a class on locating ‘below market value’ possessions and negotiating prices with desperate vendors, a renovations class, debt management, legal services, insurance, loans and her Master Wealth Control (MWC) merchandise that supposedly protects your riches from authorities, insolvency, banks, creditors and individuals.  This MWC merchandise (costing roughly $10,000) has ‘discovered its second’ throughout the COVID19 pandemic. Conventions and COVID provide only the correct environment to boost people’s stress and sell an alternative.