Donald Trump is the first result if you Google Image search ‘idiot’ 

Despite Donald Trump declaring that his IQ is ‘one of the highest’, internet users have discovered that a picture of the US President is the first result when you Google Image search the word ‘idiot’.

This revelation emerged soon after a social media campaign to push the 2004 Green Day song American Idiot up the charts in the United Kingdom to reach the top spot, ahead of Trump’s UK visit.

Trump is currently under fire for his comments about Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election at the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, but why is Trump the first result for ‘idiot’?

Trump points his finger during a press conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium

Why is Trump the first result for ‘idiot’ on Google Image search?

It seems that many do not agree that Trump is the ‘stable genius’ he claims to be and eagle-eyed internet users have spotted that when you search for the word ‘idiot’ on Google Image search, the first picture that shows up is one of the US President.

At the time of writing, the second picture is of Trump with the UK Prime Minister Theresa May and five of the top 12 images are also of the former business mogul pulling the strange facial expressions that we all know him for.

Internet users have discovered that a picture Trump when you search for the word 'idiot'

Internet users have discovered that a picture Trump when you search for the word ‘idiot’

One of the images links to an article about how the Green Day song American Idiot, considered to be about the former President George W. Bush, rose up the UK charts before Trump visited the UK and went on to embarrass himself in front of The Queen.

Despite being released in 2004, protestors managed to push the song up to No. 1 on the Amazon UK’s best seller list and also reached No. 18 on Britain’s Official Singles Chart, according to Chart Data. It also entered the top 10 and top 20 for some time. 

A Facebook group called ‘Get American Idiot to No. 1 for Trump’s UK Visit’ also promoted the social media campaign and asked its 20,000 followers to download American Idiot between July 6 and July 12, while Trump headed to the NATO summit in Brussels.

As reported on Entertainment Weekly, Green Day has not officially commented on the campaign but bassist Mike Dirnt responded to the protest back in April and simply said ‘Let’s do this!’

However, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong expressed his opinion about Trump earlier this year. According to Variety, he said: ‘I f-ing hate Donald Trump so much.

‘I used to scream I hated George Bush. This one is a little different. This one is bad, it’s like acid gone bad. F-ing LSD and the American Right, man.’ 

Who else shows up when Googling ‘idiot’?

As well as Trump, Ash Sarkar who recently went viral after she called Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan an ‘idiot’ on live TV last week, also shows up when typing in the word on Google Image Search.

Although Albert Einstein shows up, Robert De Niro also makes an appearance after he teared into Trump earlier this year and said: ‘This F***ing Idiot Is The President…the Jerkoff-in-Chief. ’

Other celebrities include Kanye West, Roy Keane, Rodrigo Duterte, James Woods, Kathy Griffith, Jeremy Corbyn and Rand Paul.