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Dos and don’ts of hiring pest control in Shrewsbury

Pest infestation is not something that Shrewsbury homeowners should take for granted. Pests, rodents, and critters, can be responsible for health issues, allergies, and diseases, especially for those who have compromised immunity. Not to forget, pests can damage your home in more ways than one, and this may mean spending huge on fixing things later.

The first and basic step is to consider calling a Shrewsbury pest control company. There are some amazing exterminators to choose from, and in this guide, we are sharing the dos and don’ts of hiring pest control.

The dos

Ask for an estimate. Regardless of the nature of the job, you would want an estimate in advance and in writing. The estimate should be final with no room for add-ons. The quote should be offered after they have done an inspection.

Get references. Make sure that you ask the pest control company for customer references. If a company claims that they have been working in Shrewsbury for years now, they should have a decent clientele.

Check for licenses and insurance. All pest control companies and exterminators must have the necessary licenses. They also need to have general liability insurance, so that any damage done to your house during pest control work doesn’t become your liability.

Asking about their team. Check if the people working on the site are actually pest control experts. Many companies have their own training procedures, but at the least, a worker should be certified for the job.

The don’ts

Accepting the lowest estimate. Pest control in current times involves a lot of work, use of better products, equipment, and technology. If an exterminator is charging way less than what should, this could be a red flag.

Hiring a company that doesn’t offer a guarantee on the job. Most pest control companies will offer some assurance on the work done, and if they don’t, you may have to end up paying for the same work again.

Not checking reviews. Besides references, you have to consider if an exterminator has good reviews. Independent reviews placed on Google or listing on Better Business Bureau can help in sorting your choices.

Now that you know the basics, go ahead and sort a few pest-control companies in Shrewsbury. Check if the company relies on safe products for the job so that these pesticides do not pose an additional threat to your family, pets, and the environment.