Double Bay Woolworths store in Sydney going viral for being bougie

This Woolworths supermarket has been dubbed the fanciest in the country thanks to its incredible self-serve section, fresh pasta bar and dessert station with treats $98 a kilo

  • The Double Bay Woolworths has been dubbed ‘the fanciest’ supermarket ever
  • The store has pick and mix desserts, including $96 per kilo chocolate truffles
  • There is a ‘loose pasta’ bar, social enterprise cafe and fridge for pizza supplies

A Woolworths in one of Sydney’s ritziest suburbs has been described as ‘the bougiest’ supermarket ever by delighted shoppers.

The Double Bay store boasts a fresh pasta bar, in-house social enterprise bakery and pick and mix dessert station offering chocolates for up to $98 per kilo. 

Thrilled customers have given video tours around the store which also has a huge ‘bag your own’ section for nuts and specialty rice.


Some singled in on the 'fancy' chocolate bar

A Woolworths in one of Sydney’s ritziest suburbs has been described as ‘the bougiest’ supermarket ever by delighted shoppers

One shopper, Cass, said the store’s $5.50 coffee ‘stings’ but noted the pasta bar makes it all worth it.

Her video has been seen by more than 480,000 TikTokkers and gives the largest tour of the store which also has a fridge dedicated to perfect home-made pizza.

Her followers could hardly believe what they were seeing.

‘Where is this? We don’t have Woolies like that near me,’ one woman said.

‘That’s near my mum’s house, I showed her and she is way too excited,’ said another. 

The store also has a fresh truffle and cheese room, and a fridge dedicated to macaroons.

‘That’s it, I have to go. This is worth a road trip to see,’ said one woman from the city’s western suburbs.

‘I wish they had them like this out near Liverpool,’ one woman said. 

The supermarket also has a top-up station for detergents and other cleaning supplies.


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‘Great to see a supermarket responding to consumer trends and moving away from harmful packaging.’

Another customer, foodie Adrian Widjy, shared a video of the store too – focusing on the fancy chocolate selection.

‘This Woolworths in Double Bay is so bougie,’ he said.

More than 80,000 people have seen the video with many blown away by the steep prices.

From $46 per kilo mint chocolates to $76 per kilo for vegan dark chocolate and $98 per kilo for chocolate truffles – the pick and mix section isn’t cheap.

‘Double Bay, double pay,’ one man said.

Others were impressed by the rice selection

The chocolate bar had some very expensive offerings

Others were impressed by the rice selection while others couldn’t move past the expensive offerings at the pick and mix dessert bar

‘Those prices though,’ said another.

‘I couldn’t even go in there and breathe the air, that’s how broke I am,’ said another. 

But others defended the store.

‘I went there this morning, they have done such a great job – I am obsessed.’