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Driver who had cardiac arrest after crash ‘was robbed by suspect in other vehicle’

A man is fighting for his life after suffering a cardiac arrest when his car was rammed by robbers in a targeted attack ‘like something out of a movie.’

The victim, aged in his 60s, and his son, who work for a cash and carry, were in their Mini Cooper stopped at traffic lights when it was rammed from behind by a black Audi in Croydon.

As they got out to investigate the robbers grabbed a cash bag from inside their car and the father tried to stop them only to fall ill.

The robbery was over in seconds but the man remains in hospital in critical condition.

Police are hunting for robbers who targeted a father/son cash and carry worker team and stole a bag of money from their car after ramming them. The father, aged in his 60s, is currently fighting for his life after suffering a cardiac arrest during the raid 

A resident, who lives by the junction, said he spoke to a woman who witnessed the whole incident.

The 25-year-old said: ‘She said it was like something out of a movie. A car rammed into the back of them.

‘It was so quick and they knew exactly what they were doing. They were experienced and could have been planning this for months.

‘The older man was the passenger in the car and I believe his son was driving.

‘They were waiting at the traffic lights when a black Audi rammed into the back of them.

‘The two of them got out of the car and that’s when the guys struck, while the doors were open.

‘Two men stormed into the car and robbed a bag full of money.

‘I’ve heard the guy and his son work for a cash and carry – they must have known that.

‘The older man grabbed the bag and started pulling it off him. He obviously didn’t want to lose all that money.

‘But that’s when he had the cardiac arrest and let go of the bag. Then they drove off.

‘They knew exactly what to take. The woman said it all happened so quickly that she couldn’t even take a photo of what was happened. They drove off within seconds.

‘The men didn’t even have masks on. That’s very brave. They also must have known there’s no CCTV in that spot.

‘If it happened in London Road they would be caught straight away. They really knew what they were doing.

‘It’s like something out of Netflix.’

He added the victim had ‘died for a minute’ before paramedics resuscitated him.

The man remains in critical condition in hospital.

Resident Raymond Holcombe said he came out of his house when he heard the horns and sirens.

Police have been at the scene again today, pictured, and are searching for robbers described as 'Eastern European' and aged between 30 and 40

Police have been at the scene again today, pictured, and are searching for robbers described as ‘Eastern European’ and aged between 30 and 40

The 70-year-old said: ‘I heard sirens and horns beeping so I went outside to take a look.

‘Then I saw a man on the ground being pumped by paramedics. He wasn’t moving.

‘There were a lot of people there so they cordoned the whole area off.’

The robbers, described as ‘Eastern European and between 30 and 40’, are still on the loose. 

A Met Police spokesman said: ‘Officers attended along with the LAS and found a man, in his 60s in cardiac arrest.

‘He has been taken to a south London hospital and we await an update on his condition.

‘The other vehicle made off prior to police arrival.

‘From initial enquiries it is believed that an occupant from the suspect vehicle approached the victim and removed cash from his car before making off.

‘The incident is being treated as a robbery.’ 

No arrests have been made.