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‘Drunk’ Cincinnati police captain tried to talk her way out of DUI charges by saying she is a cop - The #1 Luxury Dating Site - The #1 Luxury Dating Site

‘Drunk’ Cincinnati police captain with slurred speech and bloodshot eyes tried to talk her way out of charges by saying she is a cop

  •  Amanda Caton was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated
  • She ‘reeked of alcohol’ and had slurred speech, according to arresting officer
  • The  Cincinnati police captain, 55, tried to use her position as an officer 
  • Caton’s police powers have been suspended over the incident 
  • Her husband Patrick, who is also a cop, was ‘confrontational’ towards officers

A Cincinnati police captain who was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated tried to use her position as an officer to avoid being arrested, a report has revealed.

‘Does it help that I’m a police officer?’ Amanda Caton said with slurred speech, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer , before she was arrested in Ohio.

Caton, 55, whose police powers have been suspended during the case, was said to have ‘reeked of alcohol’ and have ‘slurred speech and glassy bloodshot eyes’.

The arresting officer was forced to explain that he could not let Caton go, according to the report. 

Caton was pulled over in the early hours of Sunday morning on Loveland Miamiville Road.

Amanda Caton, second from right, had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes when she was pulled over, according to the arresting officer

 There was a strong smell of alcohol coming from the car, police said.  A sobriety test showed Caton was ‘impaired’ and she admitted she had been drinking but told the officer she did not drink excessively.  

She refused to take a breathalyzer test and was driven home by officers.   

Her husband Patrick, also a cop, was a passenger in the car and was said to have tried to insult officers by saying: ‘Be sure to tell your moms that you met real cops tonight.’

He was reported to be belligerent and confrontational, and was warned that he could be arrested if he did not leave.

Patrick is a lieutenant with the department, the Enquirer reported. In 2003, He was fired by the CPD after he was tried and acquitted for assault in the 2001 death of Roger Owensby, an African American man who died in 2000 after a foot chase and scuffle with the Cincinnati Police Department. Patrick was reinstated a year later by an independent arbitrator.     

Caton joined Cincinnati Police and was promoted to captain in June 2019.  

Officials with the Cincinnati Police Department said: ‘As a matter of protocol, Captain Caton’s police powers have been suspended pending the outcome of the judicial process. All inquiries related to the arrest should be referred to the Loveland Police Department.’     


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