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Dutch cyclist involved in crash with Brit Katy Marchant in hospital with broken collarbone and ribs

Dutch cyclist involved in horror 40mph crash with Team GB’s Katy Marchant is still recovering in hospital in Tokyo after being diagnosed with BROKEN ribs, collarbone and a bruised lung – and CAN’T remember the fall

  • Laurine can Riessen and Katy Marchant collided in a high-speed crash
  • The Dutch rider suffered extensive injuries from the horror fall on Thursday
  • She is still in hospital after sustaining a broken collarbone and broken ribs
  • A spokesperson for the Dutch track team said she can’t remember the crash 

Dutch Olympic track cyclist Laurine van Riessen is recovering in a Tokyo hospital a day after a harrowing crash in the keirin semifinals at the Izu Velodrome.

Van Riessen was briefly knocked unconscious when she collided with British rider Katy Marchant at more than 40 mph. 

Van Riessen remained on the apron of the track for several minutes before doctors loaded her onto a stretcher and removed her from the velodrome.

Dutch rider Laurine van Riessen is still recovering from her horror crash in hospital in Tokyo

She was transferred to a Tokyo hospital and diagnosed with a broken collarbone, broken ribs and a bruised lung.

A spokesperson for the Dutch track team says Van Riessen is well but can’t remember the fall. 

The team doctor is with her and Van Riessen was able to make clear that the pain is mostly in her shoulder.

Van Riessen’s teammate, Shanne Braspennincx, went on to win the gold medal in keirin, a six-lap race where the first three are paced by a motorized bike and the last three are a free-for-all sprint to the finish.

Van Riessen broke her ribs and collarbone as she crashed with Team GB's Katy Marchant

Van Riessen broke her ribs and collarbone as she crashed with Team GB’s Katy Marchant