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Eagle-eyed shoppers spot huge mistake in Kmart ‘tell the time’ chart – but can you see it? 

Eagle-eyed shoppers spot huge mistake in Kmart ‘tell the time’ chart – but can you see it?

  • A woman shared a shocking mistake in one of Kmart’s educational toys
  • The retailer’s ‘Tell The Time’ flip chart was missing the ‘4’ for its ’45’ second mark
  • The mistake made the clock look like it had two cases of ‘5 seconds’ on the face 

A mum has spotted an awkward mistake on a time chart she purchased from Kmart.  

Sharing an image to a popular Facebook group, the brightly-coloured educational aid has a minor error. 

‘Spotted Kmart mistake,’ she captioned a photo of a ‘Tell The Time’ flip chart – an educational toy for children.

The photo showed the time set to 9:30 displayed in a way both digital and analogue clocks would showcase them.

A woman shared a shocking discovery on popular Facebook group Kmart Hacks & Decor that chronicled the discount retailer’s ‘hilarious’ mistake

Many racked their brains to no avail – the picture seemingly faultless.

‘Am I going blind or is this a joke?’ asked one woman. ‘I can’t seem to see anything wrong with the toy.’

‘I put my glasses on for this and still can’t see anything,’ said another.

But not everyone was as clueless. Some people were happy to feel like they were part of an in-joke, and goaded their fellow commenters with hints. 

‘It took me forty-five seconds to find,’ said one woman. ‘Or maybe five seconds… I’m not entirely sure.’

The gag was eventually revealed to be a missing number on the ‘seconds’ circuit of the analogue clock. 


What would you do if you bought a defective tell-the-time chart?

  • I would use a marker to fix the numbers 74 votes
  • The whole toy is completely ruined, I wouldn’t use it 23 votes

The clock’s forty-five second mark is missing a ‘4’ and hence appears to be labelled as ‘5 seconds’ instead.

Many blamed Kmart’s negligence to recognise the mistake before mass-producing the product.

‘Does anyone even quality-check this before it goes to print?’ asked one man. ‘It’s irresponsible.’

‘Of course they make such a mistake,’ said another. ‘You can’t expect quality from something so cheap.’

But others dismissed the concern altogether.

‘This is not a problem – just get a little blue marker and you’re golden.’

‘Such an easy fix,’ said another. ‘It could be a learning curve for the little ones.’