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Ear Problems – When to Visit an Ear & Allergy Specialist Clinic?

The ear is a sensitive sense organ that we often don’t give much attention to! Simple earaches can be a sign of an infection that needs to get treated. Even though ear infections are common in children, but adults can still get it and visit the ENT’s chamber for remedy. Also, ear problems in children are minor and get cured with proper medication. Adult ear infections usually point towards other health issues.

The symptoms of ear infection

Adults need to pay attention to ear infection and make it a point to visit an Ear and Allergy clinic when required. To know the symptoms, you have to know the three kinds of ear infections and how it gets affected.

  1. Inner ear infection

Usually, an inner ear infection can result from inflammation. That isn’t an actual infection and causes sharp earache. Other symptoms comprise of:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

At times, inner ear issues point towards other severe health conditions, for instance, meningitis.

  1. Middle ear infection

The middle ear is situated in the space behind the eardrum. Usually, this infection is called otitis media. It gets caused because of the fluid that gets trapped right behind the eardrum. And this makes the eardrum bulge. Other than ear pain, patients might feel that their ear is becoming full, and there might be some pus drainage as well.

Otitis media usually comes with a fever. And sometimes the person loses hearing capacity till such time the infection completely heals.

  1. Outer ear infection

The outer ear is the part that is visible to our eyes. An infection in the outer ear is called otitis externa. And this generally starts from an itchy rash. With time, the ear can become:

  • Swollen and red
  • Tender
  • Painful

Usually, children are vulnerable to ear infections compared to adults because the eustachian tubes are horizontal and small, unlike adults. But in adults, ear aches leading to ear infections can occur because of extreme ear cleaning and a wrong movement of the earbud. There can be infections caused by insects entering the ear, leaving their saliva and other poisonous deposits. At times, smokers get a severe ear infection. People who don’t smoke can get ear infections when they are present around smoke. Sometimes, an upper respiratory disease can also elevate the risk.

Visiting a doctor

If you are experiencing mild earache, give yourself time to check if its something severe. Usually, an infection or ear issue will manifest other symptoms in a few days, or the earache would increase. Also, there are times when ear infections heal by itself within a few days. And when you get a fever along with the ear pain, you must check with a doctor. If you find pus draining from the ear with no ear ache or fever and other symptoms, visit the doctor and get yourself checked and treated.

It’s time that people exercised caution with their ear issues. Since it’s a sense organ, any infection and other issues, might lead to severe health problems. Getting diagnosed correctly is crucial to healing ear problems and minor ear infections.



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