Easy Video Games You Can Download and Play at Home

With the expansion of the technological realm, everything is becoming digital by the minute. Be it work or study or play, you can access it all online these days. There are countless entertainment options available on the web at present, and video games constitute a big part of it. Especially with the lockdowns and quarantine requirements lately, having to spend much of the time at our homes, sources of leisure and entertainment are essential than ever.

Video games offer a lot of diversity and variety. There are many different kinds for people of all sorts of interests and choices. Fighting games, brainstorming games, strategy games, educational games are just some of the categories offered. Constructive puzzle games like Lego are also accessible digitally now.

You can build sets online and even customize and decorate them further with accessories and light kits to proudly display them in Lego night mode. This fun, constructive and interactive process can now be enjoyed equally on digital screens as well.

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There are various games in various categories that you can easily access right from the comfort of your house. Many of them have free versions as well that you can enjoy without having to spend money. You need to only download and you may get access to several options available within the video game.

Fighting Games

A popular category among video games is fighting, shooting and conflict zone games. These games do not necessarily propagate violence and should not be harmful in the hands of stable minded individuals who know the difference between real and virtual. On the flip side, these games can satisfy one’s sense of action and adventure without inflicting any real havoc. These games are also good for polishing your strategy skills and navigating conflicted zones skills.

Fortnite, Call of Duty, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds more commonly known as PUBG, Apex Legends, Paladins, War Thunder and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are some of the well-known games in this category that one can easily download and play from home.

Educational Games

Informational play and puzzle games of all sorts come under this category. Such games have a great role in developing many essential mental skills in children. That does not however go to say that these games are for kids only. Even adults can practise and polish their mind skills through these and get good mental exercise.

Minecraft, Prodigy, Reader Rabbit, Math Blaster and Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster etc. are more common ones in this category. They can amplify learning, science knowledge, logic, math skills and creativity in general.

However, there are more specific games too like The Oregon Trail, Zoombinis, Portal Series and World Rescue etc. These focus on particular skills like critical thinking, historical figures and events, problem-solving skills, foreign cultures, geographical locations and environment conservation etc.

Lego sets are good educational play too made more fun with fancy lighting kits for lego night mode.

Adventure Games

Some videos games are good for exploring, survivor skills and spatial strategies. They can help satiate the adventurous spirit and provide learning experiences. Runescape, Dauntless, League of Legends and Eve Online are good examples of this particular genre of video games.

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